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Czech Republic
8 Apr

Europe’s Best Cities For Backpacker Adventures

Where to go in Europe if you are a Backpacker looking for adventure?  Here are some of the most interesting and affordable destinations.

Travelling, it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller – Ibn Battuta. Very true, isn’t it? Travelling indeed is therapy and a tremendous learning experience. If you are one of those travellers who love exploring new places, soaking in the sights, sounds and smells of a place, then Europe is just the place for you.

Varying landscapes, colourful culture, rich history and often amazing people- what more can you ask for.  Though Europe is expensive, there are smart budget travel options that would help you get the most out of your allocated funds for the trip. Be prepared to do a lot of research over the internet regarding best backpacking destinations, flight tickets, and travel insurance that would secure your journey from all types of unforeseen situations. Moreover, there are various countries in Europe which come under the Schengen area and if you are travelling to any of these nations, then it is mandatory to have at least Euro 30,000 in medical coverage.

If you are on a backpacking trip to Europe, here are some of the best destinations that you can choose from:

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest for Backpackers

Known as the ‘Paris of the East’, Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Europe. This capital city of Hungary is dotted with beautiful architecture and thermal springs along with good connectivity to other popular destinations. Budapest happens to be one of the cheapest travel destinations in Europe that spells total value for money not only from the price point perspective, but also in terms of what this city has to offer to a traveller. The Fisherman’s bastion, the Hungarian Jewish Museum that records the horror of the Nazi holocaust, the Danube Promenade is some of the best historical sites that you can see. If you want to experience food and shop a little bit, then straight away head to one of the oldest markets of Budapest, built some 100 years ago, the Great Market Hall. In terms of staying, there are plenty of budget options available over the internet.


Istanbul at Night

This is one of the most gorgeous countries of the world. With a culture so incredibly diverse, Turkey has something to soothe every soul. If you are on a backpacking holiday, you will experience the melting pot of cultures and civilizations of the world. With countries like Turkey, you need to plan a great itinerary and buy a good travel insurance online to make your travel experience secure and hassle free. Each city of this country is a record of history in itself. Within Istanbul, you can check out architectural marvels such as the Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, Bosphorous Strait and Dolmabahce Palace. Also, do not miss out the old Spice market and kariye Museum, which is difficult to find but worth all your efforts. As a backpacker, it would be interesting to check out Pammukale Thermal springs in Pammukale, Goreme Open-Air Museum & Fairy Chimneys in Goreme, and the Ataturk Mausoleum in Anakara.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Located in the heart of Europe, this small country still holds the pristine nature in its realm long with some of the world famous heritage sites. Deemed as the city of hundred spires, Prague is a home to the very famous Gothic Charles Bridge and the Church of St Nicholas. Steeped in the deep magic of rich medieval history, each district of Prague boasts an old world charm. Apart from the chateaus and the landscaped gardens, there is plenty to explore such as the Moravian Karst area that hosts five breathtaking caves, Czech Bohemian Switzerland National Park and the Glass Museum of Karlovy Vary. The Bohemian Paradise, which is now a UNESCO Geopark owes its beauty to the massive giant like rock formations surrounded by a lush green unchartered nature trail.


Taking you to the east coast of Europe is this picturesque country, Croatia. Flanked by the Adriatic Sea and smitten by the Dinaric Alps at the same time, this country promises beautiful landscapes that are scenic and awe inspiring.  With the Game of Thrones shot in the gothic and renaissance architectures of Dubrovnik, the Fortress of Kliss, and the St. Dominic Monastery, Croatia is emerging as the most sought after budget friendly backpacking destination in Europe. If you love the tracks that are offbeat, then do take out time to visit the sleepy village of Vodnjan that has the Baroque’s Church of St. Blaise that has very carefully kept the mummy of St. Nicolosa Bursa, one of the best preserved mummies in Europe. This little church has also preserved one of the thorns from Jesus’s crown. A little spooky but very interesting!


Santorini Greece

This country nestled in the South-eastern Europe can be called the cradle of western civilization. Greece and its cultural heritage and it’s connect with the legends have been a source of inspiration for those involved in literature and the world of art. Right from John Keat’s famous poem ‘Ode to a Grecian Urn’ to the innumerable movies on Greek gods and heroes, Greece has been a source of mystery and an archetypal model of human creativity that will continue to inspire generations to come. The temple of Apollo at Delphi, the Acropolis of Athens, the Minoan palace of Knossos, the Sanctuary of Dion at Mount Olympus, and the medieval Fortress of Nafplion are some of the best architectural enigmas that you can’t afford to miss while in Greece. The pearl white cliff-top towns of Fira and Oia in Santorini perched against the blue sea, is a visitor’s delight.


Indeed, Europe is every traveller junkie’s wet dream! So, get set with your bag to take your next European voyage. Hey, don’t forget to ‘pack’ a schengen travel insurance policy as well. As I said previously, to enter the Schengen area, which includes 26 European nations, you must have a medical coverage which you can get with your schengen travel insurance policy. Further, even if it is not mandatory, you should never take a risk of travelling overseas without travel insurance. As a backpacker, your budget may be limited, so think what would happen if you lose your passport, baggage, or meet with an accident? In all these situations, you might have to incur heavy expenses. Moreover, medical costs are very high in foreign nations. So, any medical emergency can land you in a hospital, and which means, bearing heavy treatment costs.

So, shield yourself from all these situations with a comprehensive travel insurance policy which promises to safeguard you and your journey.  As the saying goes, “travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”!

Image Source:  Pixabay