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20 Mar

Essential Car Rent Tips for Israel

Car Rental Tips in Israel

Haifa Israel

Getting around in Israel is a lot easier if you rent a car – especially if you intend to explore some of the more remote regions. Generally it isn’t too hard to rent a car at any of the airports or major cities, but there are a few tips that could go a long way to making it more convenient:

  • Make sure you have all the documents you need

If you want to rent a car in Israel you’ll need a valid driver’s license, a passport (or Israeli ID), and a valid credit card in your name that will serve as the deposit. Generally most driver’s licenses from Western countries are valid in Israel, but you should check in advance – just in case.

  • Book your car in advance

It is always advisable to book your car rental in advance – especially if you want a certain size of vehicle or you’re traveling during holiday season. Although most car rental companies won’t guarantee you a specific model of vehicle, they will allow you to book a general class.

  • Hire a car seat if traveling with children

When you’re traveling with children below 8 years old you’ll need a child seat in the car as they are required by law. Let the rental company know the age of your child and they’ll be able to advise you on the type that you need, and may be able to hire you the car seat at the same time.

  • Employ a GPS system and be aware of crossing boarders

A GPS will be a great help for navigating in Israel.  Be aware that rental cars cannot be taken across boarders into Jordan and Sinai.  Check restrictions with your rental car company before leaving the agency.

  • Pay close attention to the rental period

Check the rental period for the car that you’re hiring, and make sure that you return it on time. Most car rentals in Israel tend to be strict about the rental period and are very specific – so returning it late may incur additional charges or penalties.

  • Return the car with a full tank of gas

When you do return your car, make sure you fill it up in advance so that the indicator shows that it is ‘Full’. If you do not, the rental company will charge you a fee that is normally more than what it would cost you to fill it up yourself.

Hopefully these tips will make it a lot easier for  tel aviv car rental or renting a car anywhere else in Israel. Now that you know what to expect you should be able to cover all your bases and get around in the country with the benefit of your own set of wheels.