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Turkish Coffee
2 Jan

Coffee Fanatics Love These Cities, You Will Too

6 Cities that Serve the Best Cups of Coffee

There are few things as refreshing as a hot cup of coffee. Many of us depend on the aroma and taste of a great cup of coffee to start our day and get us through our mid-day doldrums.  What better way to celebrate this heavenly beverage in our lives than to visit a city that shares your passion for a well-brewed cup of coffee. Take a look at our list of cities that take their coffee dead serious and brew some of the best coffee in the world.

Seattle, Washington, USA

Starbucks Seattle Washington
A trip to Seattle is more of a pilgrimage for coffee lovers – Starbucks opened its first ever outlet here. Seattle also plays host to the World Barista Championship, which brings together the best baristas from all over the world. It is the birth place for new coffee trends and brews, so it comes as no surprise that Seattle happens to be the city with the highest coffee consumption in the US.

Istanbul, Turkey
Turkish Coffee

Although Istanbul has a vastly different coffee scene from Seattle – there are no nitro coffees or cold brews here to write home about – you will find however, the exceptional world-renowned Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee, which is strong, dark and rich, is unfiltered coffee with a strong caramel flavour. And there is no better way to experience the beauty of this ancient city than with a cup of strong Turkish coffee in your hands.

Rome, Italy
Rome Cafe

Italy is famous for its coffee and Rome with its hundreds of cafes, is the coffee capital of the country. Home of the espresso, cappuccino and affogato, it is hard to go wrong with the coffee here. However, if you want to follow the adage “when in Rome…” order yourself an unsweetened espresso. The most famous coffee house is Antico Caffe Greco, where Goethe, Casanova and Wagner are said to have been regular customers.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ethiopia Coffee

Known to be the birthplace of coffee, every coffee fanatic must come here to experience coffee as it was first consumed. The coffee culture here, which permeates every facet of life, is fascinating. There are coffee ceremonies that take place after meals, where coffee is often consumed with butter and this ancient tradition is an eye opening experience to take part in. Besides which, there are also coffee tours that will give you access to some of the freshest coffee in the world, right at its source.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland Coffee House

Although not many outsiders know this, Iceland takes its coffee very seriously. There aren’t too many of the international coffee chains available here, so the focus is solely on independent coffee shops, which sets the bar really high. Even when coffee shops get their coffee beans from commercial roasters, the fact that they do not sell in mass quantities ensures that the stock at the coffee shop is as fresh as it could possibly be.

Havana, Cuba
Cuban Coffee

An unlikely contender on this list, Cuba has a strong penchant for coffee – especially the sickly sweet variety. One of the popular drinks here is a shot of espresso, which has been brewed with brown sugar, called Café Cubano. You can also get a Cortadito – an espresso shot with milk – which is a great introductory drink for beginners.

Whether you drink a Cappuccino at the Piaza Navona in Rome, sip an intense unfiltered brew from Turkey, or order one from your favorite barista in Seattle, travelling the world in search of the best coffee has never been easier. All you have to do is apply for a vacation loan and start packing your bags!

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