Seoul South Korea
28 Nov

5 Top Sites To Visit in South Korea

5 amazing places to visit in South Korea

Seoul South Korea
If you are planning a trip to South Korea, you are in for a treat, as this beautiful, vibrant and culturally rich country has a lot to offer. Another good thing about South Korea is its size; it’s fairly small, and with public transport including the super-fast KTX, being readily accessible, it is easy to travel through the whole country in a short period of time. If you do not know where to begin when it comes to making your own itinerary, have a look at these 5 amazing places you can visit while in South Korea.


Jeju Island South Korea
Jeju-do is a beautiful Island, a short ferry ride from Korea. It is breathtakingly beautiful there and boasts some great hiking trails too. Famous Korean skincare and make-up brand, Innisfree, makes all of their products in Jeju-do with natural ingredients such as volcanic ash and green tea. You can visit their flagship store in Jeju-do, which also allows you to make your own organic soap with natural materials.

Ganwonland Casino and High1Resort
Far from the city, in a small mountainous town is the famed Ganwonland Casino and High1 Resort that operate side by side. The High1 Resort offers some impressive slopes on which you can showcase your skiing and snowboarding prowess in the winter months. The Gangwonland casino, flanked by great restaurants and shops is another impressive place. Being known as one of the most famous casinos in Korea, it attracts a lot of tourists who want to try their luck at all the fun casino games on offer. If the idea of this combined ski resort and casino is making you excited, book your tickets now! But in the meantime, you can get into the casino mood by playing some games online, like MrGreenSlots.

The beaches of Busan

South Korea Beaches
If you want some fun, head down to Busan. It’s a vibrant metropolitan city that has a lot going on. There is a great night life there, and in the day time you will see many people sprawled out on the beautiful beaches of Busan having a great time. While Busan may be quite far away from many other cities and towns you want to visit, it is well worth the travels –and you can take the KTX there which will save you a lot of time!

Majestic Temples

South Korea Temple
With a thriving Buddhist population, South Korea is home to some of the world’s most majestic temples, which you must definitely visit. If you cannot go to some of the more remotely located temples, there are quite a few ones in Seoul that are easily accessible from the subway line. However, if you do have some time and want an authentic experience in a temple, Templestay has some great programs on offer.


South Korea DMZ Area
The demilitarization zone, more commonly referred to as the DMZ, is an obvious tourist attraction. You can get some really great tours, and learn a lot about the conflict and history between North Korea and South Korea.