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Birchwood Inn
17 Oct

Ghost Stories From Our Favorite Bed and Breakfast Inns

Enjoy a Spirited Stay at One of These Haunted BnBs and Learn All About Their Resident Ghost

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is almost here. Instead of exchanging ghost stories in the night, why not give yourself, your family and/or your friends a chance to tell of your own spooky stories after a visit to one of these haunted, yet hospitable, bed and breakfasts?

Enjoy these stories from some of our favorite BnBs that play host to guests and ghosts alike:

Old Stagecoach Inn

A retired physicist turned ghost hunter has claimed that you may run into a spirit or two when staying at Old Stagecoach Inn in Waterbury, VT, in particular an older woman with a gray bun. In a bizarre incident, an unfamiliar couple who was never checked in by innkeeper John Barwick came down to breakfast and explained that the woman admitted them at 2 a.m. and showed them to the only vacant room. Strange!

Birchwood Inn

Birchwood Inn in Lenox, MA has been said to host a ghost or two. Certifiably haunted, the ghosts here date back to around 1800. This may be a pet-friendly inn, but guests have claimed to hear the sounds of a cat crying only in The Loring Room. The inn’s Wagner Room also seems to host a spirit that likes to move guests’ belongings and furniture around. Few rooms in the inn have gone without ghost sighting. Our advice? Bring some catnip and try your luck.

1851 Historic Maple Hill Inn

1851 Historic Maple Hill Manor B&B in Springfield, KY is a historic Greek Revival plantation house that was built in 1851 by Thomas Irvine McElroy as a wedding gift for his young bride. Some survivors of the Civil War Battle of Perryville, fought nearby in 1862, were brought here to recover and several died from their wounds. Could it be that the spirits of the soldiers as well as the family inhabit this old homestead? What else could account for the footsteps heard in empty rooms, cold spots, odd lights showing up on photographs, and prophetic dreams some people have reported?

Burn Brae Historic Inn

Burn Brae Mansion in Glen Spey, NY was completely restored in 2008 for its 100-year anniversary. Following the renovations, the original servants’ quarters, which were remodeled into the Singer Suite and Elkin Room, as well as the adjoining guest rooms, now named the MacKenzie Suite, were opened to the public. Shortly after reopening, overnight guests began reporting mysterious sights and sounds during their visit. Further research revealed a history of such reports, and subsequently spurred curiosity about the previous occupants of Burn Brae.

Inn At Aberdeen

The Inn at Aberdeen, Ltd in Valparaiso, IN has been featured in books, articles and a PBS TV special (Haunts & Legends) since opening in 1995. The original home dates to the 1850s and stories of a mother and her daughter “Angel” dying (natural causes) in the home, as well as participating in the underground railroad, have led to tales of the haunting. In fact the first mentions in print (Haunted Hoosier Trails, Wanda Lou Willis) were a surprise to the innkeepers and had been generated by guests who saw “Angel” and reported it to them. Similarly, the inn has appeared in several other texts, CDs, and books and has had several Ghost Tracker groups study it. Most recently, it was featured on SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters in September!

Limerock Inn Rockland Maine

The Limerock Inn in Rockland, ME is said to host a number of spirits, but don’t worry…according to paranormal experts that have toured the property, these ghosts of the night are totally harmless and even “friendly.” After serving as a medical practice for over 50 years, phantoms can be heard giggling at the top of the staircase today. The inviting main house includes turrets, a wrap-around front porch, and an expansive guest room that was once the doctor’s examination room.

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