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London Westminster Station and Big Ben
24 Aug

7 Tricks For Getting The Best Deals On London Hotels

7 Savvy Tricks To Get The Best Deals On London Hotels

As the capital of England and with a history that dates back to Roman times, London has always been a top travel destination. The peak tourist season in this bustling city is basically all year round, but it gets extra busy during the summer and late spring, when the royal gardens are in bloom and the parks are in all their grandeur.

Visiting London at any time can bring you the challenge of finding the best deals in the area—after all, it’s highly likely that you’re not the only one wanting to experience what the city has to offer when the weather is at its best. Not to worry: you can get an edge over other travellers and save money on your London accommodation if you have these seven tricks up your sleeve.

London Westminster Station and Big Ben

Go online.

One of the easiest ways to sniff out the best deals on London hotels is by going online and comparing hotel room prices on booking sites. This is especially helpful if you’ve got your travel dates finalized. The price comparison feature of these booking sites can show you how much room prices go during the time you plan to be in London, but take note that the listings may not always show the total amount of the hotel stay. Read the fine print and which fees are included to help you decide which hotel can give you the best deal.

Grab a discount code.

Ready for checkout on that hotel booking? Don’t take the plunge just yet, because there’s still something you can do to sweeten that deal. Check out vouchers from various online sites or get a Britannia Hotels discount code to find something in their extensive London network. By doing this, you can reduce the amount you have to pay even further.

Join a group tour.

This trick is for those who like joining group travel tours and making new friends in the process. Deal sites have vacation packages that offer value for money, as these would already include meals and private transportation on top of your hotel. Tour rates are cheaper than buying each specific item separately, plus you get the benefit of a guided tour around London.

London Hotel with Rooftop Pool

Go offline.

Believe it or not, even in this modern era where the majority of business transactions are done digitally, there are still those that prefer doing things the traditional way. Some of these old-school establishments in London deal with customers on a face-to-face basis, or via phone (and by phone we mean a landline). You’ll be right to assume some of these are small inns and B&Bs that don’t have an online listing on booking sites but offer great rooms just the same but at a much lower price than a hotel. The best place to find these are local tourist offices, and if you’re not in a hurry, you can also check out these small hotels for yourself—don’t forget to negotiate with the manager for a discount!

Use your airline miles.

Airline mileage programs would often include offers for discounted rates on travel packages and hotel accommodation. Check your frequent flyer program to see which hotels your loyalty points can apply to as well as the other perks you can avail of.

Add a bit of mystery.

London is no stranger to mystery or secret mystery room deals, where you are offered a discounted stay in a luxury hotel without being told which hotel it is. You’re only informed of the name of the hotel and its exact location right after you’ve paid the reservation fee. Deals for these mystery rooms often have the lowest rate, so it’s worth the initial anxiety of not knowing.

Be on the lookout for discounted reservations.

There are those who, for some reason or another, find that they wouldn’t be able to go through with their trip to London, but are stuck with the hotel room reservations they’ve already paid for. Instead of taking the hit, they sell off their reservations at a lower price. There are online forums and websites that cater to this market, so all it takes is just a few clicks and you can land yourself a bargain.