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3 Aug

Guide to Australia’s Best Microbreweries

Top 6 must-visit microbreweries and craft beers you need to taste while in Australia

Australia Top Microbrews

The love of craft beer has made a strong impression in Australia over the past decade with the emergence of many notable microbreweries all over the country. While there are no shortage of places to visit in Australia, some breweries really strike a chord, not only in their beer brewing abilities but in their sense of real down to the red-earth-core of what it means to be Australian and to enjoy a good Aussie beer.

Whether you find yourself traveling through the bustle of our major cities or in the quiet of our beach side towns, here you will find our top picks for some of the best breweries in Australia and the top craft beers you must taste there:

New South Wales, Stone & Wood Brewery, 4 Boronia Place, Byron Bay, NSW 2481, (02) 6685 5173

Australia Microbrewery

So you find yourself travelling to NSW, or you’re a forever resident of the state, regardless of your permanence or impermanence if you will, Byron Bay is the quintessential Australian beach side town you must visit. Laid back and just along for the ride, the people of Byron Bay truly know how to welcome its visitors whether local or foreign. The same rings true for Stone and Wood Brewery. Stone & Wood Brewery, established in 2008, focuses on the natural beauty of their surrounds to create simple, no fuss beers.

Their process for brewing is simple too, drawn straight from the storage tank at the brewery, to provide fresh, unadulterated greatness in every bottle. Their Pacific ale leaves a big impression, with it’s all around fruit complexities. The hops and the aroma provide nothing short of a refreshing experience. What makes this brew great is how they simply let the beer be in all its natural glory. The yeast is left at the bottom of the bottle, giving the beer its notable cloudy appearance and its full-bodied flavor, retaining every fruity note.

Queensland, Burleigh Brewing, 2 Ern Harley Drive, Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220
(07) 5593 6000

When in Queensland and enjoying the beautiful weather make your trip complete and head down to Burleigh Brewing Company. This brewing company truly embodies that homegrown local Australian pride that you will find all over the country. The Burleigh Brewing Company is big on their philosophy of whenever and wherever possible choose local first. The beer you drink here will always be fresh, clean, pure and simple beer, the way it ought to be without the nasty preservatives and additives.

One craft beer that this brewing company is sure to boast about is their ingenious craft, Big Head. This full strength, full flavored beer with absolutely no carbs is made from 100% natural ingredients and processes. A testament to how good this brew is, Big Head won the silver medal twice, in 2009 and in 2011, at the World Beer Championships.

Victoria, Two Birds Brewing, 136 Hall Street, Spotswood, Victoria 3015,
(03) 9762 0000

In a world mostly dominated by men, the Two Birds Brewing breaks ground and introduces us to Australia’s first female owned brewing company. Their philosophy is simple, to create a balance between what they view as approachable, simple brews with interesting and enjoyable flavors. While their second brew to ever hit the Two Birds Market, Sunset Ale, promises all that it delivers in the mix between fresh tropical flavors and a biscuit malt base, with round rich toffee notes, the real banger is the Taco Beer.

Australia Microbrews

This beer showcases what Two Birds Brewing means by keeping things interesting, yet simple. With flaked corn, ale and wheat malts, it’s the compliment of coriander leaves and fresh lime peel that pack a real punch in this brew. A fresh, innovative choice that will keep you reeling in the nostalgia of your fondest tropical holiday. Did we also mention it hit #25 in the 2013 Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers list?

With a tasting room open to public 3 days a week, fresh beer on tap, great food, and takeaway growlers what is not to love about this brewery.

Tasmania, MooBrew,  76a Cove Hill Road, Bridgewater, Hobart, (03) 6263 7773

Tasmania offers quite the variety of culinary delights for foodies all around the world who love great quality, locally grown ingredients. When it comes to great beer they are not far behind either. MooBrew in Mona, established in 2005, provides the beer enthusiast with 5 core brews, all proudly made fresh and with no preservatives or additives.

Their Belgo, pronounced Bell-Jo, packs flavor and personality into one glass. This Belgian pale ale with an American pale ale-hopping blend, gives the craft beer lover everything you need to excite the taste buds without a necessarily high alcohol content or bitterness. This craft beer with its dry finish would perfectly pair with a bit of refinement, a roast lamb or rich cheese plate.

Even cooler, MooBrew commissioned Australian artist John Kelly to design their beer labels, and with his approach to freeing the institutionalized ideal of art, we can see that MooBrew values a mold breaking, individualist approach to their craft, making their beers all the more enticing and enjoyable.

Australian Capital Territory, Bentspoke Brewing Company, 38 Mort Street, Braddon, ACT 2612

If you find yourself traveling to the capital of Australia and need something to wet your whistle in between your visits to parliament and the war memorial, notable stops, then roll on over to Bentspoke Brewery in the ACT. Literally taking their name from their two loves in life, cycling and beers, this brewery has over 18 different varieties of craft beer and cider available to taste.

Australia Bentspoke Microbrewerie

The Sprocket, IPA, is a lively blend of mosaic, galaxy, citra and Amarillo hops. While endearingly titled Crankshaft’s younger sister, a Bentspoke brew packing a lot of hops and a real citrusy orange taste, the Sprocket is not one to be left in the corner. This brew, though high with its tropical fruit tones, packs enough bitterness to be a real contender when it comes to enticing the palate.

Western Australia, Nail Brewing, 301 Collier RD, Bassendean, WA 6054

If you want to experience a craft beer from one of the forerunners of the microbrewery experience in Australia then look no further than Nail Brewing in WA. John Stallwood, the owner of Nail Brewing, has been brewing notable craft beers for the better part of 16 years. Brewing beers all year round, it is their limited releases that put this brewery on the map. Beers such as Stout Clout, one of Australia’s most awarded stouts, provides the beer enthusiast with a mouth full of holiday revelry in every sip. The chocolate and coffee malt of this brew goes down smooth and can be enjoyed all year long, not just in the winter.

Australia Beer Toast

When planning your next trip to Australia, or a weekend getaway out of state, make sure to add a stop or two to one of our great breweries. It is here that you will not only taste great homegrown craft beer, but get a real understanding of our strong sense of community and culture, what is truly unforgettable about this country. Stop in for a beer or two or make a day of it and organize to see behind the scenes where the magic is made with one of the many brewery tours on offer. All serving staff should be well trained in the responsible service of alcohol, knowing how to help you judge your limits to make it the best experience possible. If you’re still up for a drink after your visit they’ll surely recommend you take some takeaways of your favorites with you.  The RSA qualification (SITHFAB201 – Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol) can be completed online or by correspondence by Express Online Training (Course RTO 40592).  (Please note that online RSA courses may not be applicable to foreign or international students, so you will want to determine that before signing up for an online course).

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