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Coffee Shop
20 Nov

A Look At America’s Most Iconic Coffee Houses

Where Do You Get Your Coffee Fix?  – Here Are Seven of America’s Most Amazing Coffee Houses You Simply Must Try

Coffee Shop

There’s something about a hot, steaming cup of coffee that just makes the day better. What is it about the aroma of coffee beans in the morning that makes you able to take on the world? It’s no secret that coffee is one of the highest consumed beverages in the US (and the world), so why settle for mediocre coffee shops and bland cups of Joe when you could be exploring some of the best coffee houses in the world? For the coffee connoisseur, here are seven amazing coffee houses you should consider putting on your bucket-list.

Happy Coffee Co., Denver, Colorado

Happy Cofee House Denver

If you live in Denver and have never been to Happy Coffee Co., you’re missing out. Popular especially among espresso-lovers, Happy Coffee has become the trend for hot, serious coffee. Unlike most other coffee places, Happy Coffee boasts what they call the “Toddy” system, a whiz in making iced coffee. This hour-glass-constructed brewer takes nearly eighteen hours to drip its coffee through! Looking for quality over quantity, or better yet, time? Look no further.

Ipsento in Chicago, Illinois

Ipsento Coffee House Chicago

Welcome to the windy city, where winter winds are bitter and the coffee is piping hot! This little shop called Ipsento is considered one of Chicago’s best known coffee houses. Unlike many other coffee shops, Ipsento is one of a small handful of coffee shops that roasts its beans on site. Yum!

Café D’Bolla in Salt Lake City, Utah

Cafe D'Bolla Utah

Café D’Bolla impresses a unique approach to making and serving their coffee, which means purchasing its beans exclusively from small specialty farms across the world. Once bought, they micro-roast each batch to perfection and you can taste the difference.

Daylight Mind in Kona, Hawaii

Kona Hawaii Coffee House

As if being in Hawaii wasn’t awesome enough, don’t forget to check out this adorable (and delicious) coffee shop on the island. Not only is Daylight Mind a coffee shop, but also a coffee school, one which offers workshops on anything and everything coffee! Want to learn to brew the perfect cup of Joe? Daylight Mind is where it’s at.

Caffé Medici, Austin, Texas

Caffe Medici, Austin, Texas

A food and drink hotspot in the lone star state, Austin’s Caffe Medici is sure to impress. Caffé Medici serves the rare and delectable Cuvee espresso, all the while priding themselves in pouring what they claim is the perfect shot of espresso.

Fourbarrel in San Francisco, California

Four Barrel Coffee House, San Francisco

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Fourbarrel coffee prides itself on the way things are done behind the scenes and their skilled coffee bean roasters rely not on machinery to make that perfect cup of coffee, but their hands! Talk about authentic.

Sump Coffee in St. Louis, Missouri

Sump Coffee

The best part about this coffee is the man who roasts the beans is an actual chemist from Berkeley who conjures each blend with a fancy touch. It’s so good, in fact, customers are discouraged from adding any milk or sugar so they can taste the coffee how it should be.

For anyone passionate about coffee and all things caffeine, these cafes are sure to amaze. Next time you travel, make sure you check one of these hot spots out! If you are staying closer to home, don’t feel discouraged. You can always look up amazing recipes and specialty flavorings at places like a DunnCo – Monin Account or even some of the above shop’s websites!