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21 Jul

Best Ways to Connect When Traveling Far From Home

New trends in communicating with loved ones when you’re traveling to Mexico, Canada and Across The Pond.   T-Mobile has a great new plan.

I arrived home today from a weekend away and look what was waiting for me on the doorstep.

T Mobile Passport Across Borders

Oh the bennies of a blogger’s life.. Okay T-Mobile, you have my full attention!
The gist of the package is to focus my attention on Canada (Canadian Club) and Mexico (Patron Tequila), and how easy it is to stay in contact across boarders with T-Mobile’s new international calling plans.  I’m with you T-Mobile, let’s examine their new international communication plans.

The Passport promises a Simple Choice North America plan with “calling (whether mobile or land-line) texting, and LTE data to and from the United States, Mexico and Canada at no extra charge.  Also with the T-Mobile Simple Choice Mobile Without Borders plan customers get unlimited international data and texting in over 120 countries at no extra charge.  You an also text and call through WiFi where ever it’s available.  And you can text free even when you’re feet are off the ground through free coverage on Gogo for in-flight service.  For full information go to  It looks to me like you can get all this great unlimited international connectivity starting at $50 per month – I’m impressed!

So now I imagine you’re wondering what kind of international plans other telecoms offer. recently had an excellent article that compares the international phone plans – here’s the link to How To Stay Connected Overseas Without Going Broke.

Thanks T-Mobile for my international spirits – now I have to go call someone across a boarder!