Haggis in Glasgow
6 Jul

A Foodie’s Guide To Glasgow Scotland

Expert tips for navigating your way though restaurants and pubs in Glasgow

Scotland is renowned by most of us for its unconventional military uniform, strong drinks and a tremendous musical instrument. But, apart from that it is also distinguished by the amazing cuisine.
Even being a part of Britain, Scotland has managed to retain its identity, special traditions and unique recipes that are little known in the world. And where is no better place to try all of these unique delicacies than in Glasgow – the city of exquisite restaurants and traditional pubs.
So, now consider some useful tips so that your pleasant memories of Glasgow associate not only with amazing surroundings, but also with an excellent food experience!

Gourmet Tips Glasgow

In general Scottish cuisine is distinguished by simplicity and the fact that its most famous dishes usually include meat and offal. Don’t let that put you off, here is the list of Scottish delicacies:

Main course and Second course dishes:
Haggis – the main symbol of Scottish cuisine, made of roasted sheep stomach stuffed with minced porridge, offal and spices. The traditional side dish for haggis is a mashed potatoes (tatties) and specifically cooked turnips (neeps). In pubs and eateries they usually serve quite big portions of the dish, which might be enough for two persons.

Haggis in Glasgow

Black pudding is a dish made of boiled pork liver, which is crushed and mixed with pig’s blood, chopped bacon, oatmeal, chopped onion, bread crumbs, sage and spices. All the mixture is put in the oven for several hours then it’s cooled and cut into round pieces which are fried additionally. Although this dish mostly consists of meat, it is served with bacon, sausages, and even fried eggs and tomatoes.

Black Pudding in Glasgow

Among the traditional Scottish soups, first place takes Shepherd’s Lamb Stew. Sheep is the symbol of Scotland’s cattle breeding. Hence it is not surprising that nourishing, flavorful soup of lamb, barley, potatoes, onions and herbs is considered to be a part of traditional local food.
Another soup you need to try in Glasgow is Cullen Skink. The soup is made of smoked haddock, onions and potatoes with the addition of milk or cream. The dish is traditionally served during the dinner.

Scone is a small oatmeal cake, usually served with jam or butter for Scottish tea drinking.

Scones in Glasgow

Cranachan is a classical Scottish dessert, consisting of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, roasted oatmeal with addition of honey, whiskey and whipped cream.

Black Bun is a traditional sweet cake stuffed with nuts, berries and dried fruits. The cake is one of the main dishes served at Scottish New Year’s Eve.

Alcohol Drinks:
The main and most popular alcohol drink in Scotland is whiskey. This tart drink made of malt barley or other grains has been produced in Scotland for many centuries. Among the recommended brands of the drink are Glenlivet, Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker, Cutty Sark, Bruichladdich, Glen Grant and others.

Whiskey in Glasgow Scotland

Another traditional alcohol drink you should try in Glasgow is Scotch ale. This tart sparkling ale has a wonderful taste, combining spicy hop flavor and nutty scent.  Fans of beer must also try the famous Scottish heather ale called Fraoch. This drink has a specific taste, so not everyone might like it, but you need to try it at least.


The Art Lovers Café
This café is situated in a beautiful mansion, built in 1901 by the renowned architect. The establishment offers exquisite menu of modern Scottish cuisine, great views and friendly service. Visitors can take a sit either in the bright and airy dining room or on the picturesque terrace.
An average bill for one person is 25-55$.

Brian Maules Restaurant
The owner of the restaurant is a famous Scottish cook Brian Maules. The dishes of French, international and Scottish cuisine are prepared under his guidance. You will be pleased not only with the unusual combination of ingredients and excellent taste, but also with the unusual presentation of dishes. The restaurant offers a separate menu for vegetarians.
An average bill for one person is 60-100$

The Cail Bruich Restaurant
This cozy and spacious restaurant has long been a favorite place among the fans of Scottish, British and French cuisine. It always serves dishes of fresh products and provides high-quality service. The restaurant’s specialty dish is a duck and differently cooked vegetables.
An average bill for one person is 19-57$

Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery
This restaurant provides the guests a relaxed atmosphere. The interior is complemented by dark oak finish, intricate stained glass, carpets on the floor and vintage furniture. During the 23 years of its existence, the restaurant has gained a great reputation for delicious cuisine, elegant interior and stainless service. A glass partition between the kitchen and dining hall allows the guests to control the process of preparation of the ordered dishes.
An average bill for one person is 20-55$

Willow Tearooms
This establishment has been welcoming the guests for more than a hundred years. All the details – from seat backs to the tableware are characterized by the same elegant style. The menu features a dozen kinds of tea, snacks and pastries.
An average bill for one person is 22-54$

Metropolitan Cocktail Bar and Restaurant
This trendy bar lies in the center of Glasgow and is famous for its great choice of cocktails. The guests can enjoy a live music, a relaxed atmosphere and a stylish interior. In addition to the wide range of cocktails, Metropolitan offers a variety of Scottish and international dishes.
An average bill for one person is 20-53$

Glasgow is characterized by effective system of public transportation, so all the mentioned restaurants can be reached by buses and underground. But if you’d like to move around Glasgow more comfortably you can rent an affordable car from Budget.

So, as you see it is worth to visit Glasgow not only to inspect its gorgeous sights and admire beautiful surroundings, but also to try the unmatched delicacies of Scottish cuisine. Besides, you cannot perceive the local culture until you try the dishes belonging to it!

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