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27 Jun

Hold That Smile…Selfie Sticks Are Banned From Disney Parks

“Hey mister…will you take a picture of me and my family?”, will make a grand resurgence at Disney properties beginning on Tuesday, June 30th when a ban begins on selfie sticks in Disney parks.

Disney bans selfie sticks

Citing growing safety concerns with the increasing number of selfie sticks in use at the parks and on amusements rides, Disney has decided to ban these handy photo tools entirely.  It seems that thrill-seeking visitors have even tried to take a selfie photo (using a selfie stick) at the top of Disney’s most thrilling rides – sticking their hands, arms, and long stick, outside of safety zones.  “Did you like the picture of when I lost my arm trying to take a selfie at the top of the rollercoaster?????”, pops into my mind.  Apparently cast members have also encountered selfie sticks in detrimental ways.  So it’s no more selfie sticks for anyone.  Obviously Disney’s previous policy of encouraging visitors to use selfie sticks with
“both common sense and courtesy”, didn’t account for the crazies out there.

Watch out you Go-Pro users, you may be next!