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5 Jan

Three Stories Inn, Saybrook CT – Bring The Whole Family

Discover the story behind the historic Three Stories at the Saybrook Point Inn.  

Three Stories Inn CT

This stately Victorian Italianate was originally built in 1892 by William Vars, a train engineer who brought visitors from Hartford to vacation at the Connecticut shore.  The home fell into dilapidation when owned years later by Marie Clark. Stephen Tagilatela (of the Saybrook Point Inn) would walk past the grand house every day and watch the house crumble.   Wanting to restore the home and maintain its history, Stephen purchased the house and renovations began on The Stories. Renaming the Clark-Vars house to Three Stories was just the beginning.

Three Stories was restored to its earlier grandeur by either restoring or reproducing the original design of the house. The gardens are beautiful with sculptures depicting the original owner. The majestic outside quickly draws you to the entrance where you are greeted by Mrs. Pratt, the lady and historian of the house. One of the very first details you notice is the magnificent original spiral staircase which leads you upward to discover the history of each of the eight suites. Each elegant suite has a story dedicated to the person whose name appears on the door reflecting their style and history in Old Saybrook. Whether it is the Katherine Houghton Hepburn Suite, which boasts pictures and history of both mother and daughter, or the Steffie Walters Suite, the original owner of the Dock and Dine, each room is uniquely detailed.   Every room enjoys magnificent views of the Connecticut River and Long Island sound, and a private rooftop lounge has fire pits for sitting on those brisk evenings. Mrs. Pratt is the curator of this amazing property and the historian of Old Saybrook.

Three Stories Inn CT

Guests can enjoy the intimacy of a small inn while benefiting from the amenities of a larger hotel, Three Stories provides travelers with a place to gather and share their own stories.   This is the perfect place for an entire family to plan a getaway at the shore or a reunion of friends. Beginning with eight stories of local residents, the new inn has quickly gathered many more and welcomes you to add your own chapter.  Each guest has full access to the Saybrook Point Inn just across the street including the Fresh Salt restaurant, spa, gym and pool. The Yale Room is on the lower level, which hosts social event such as wine tastings.

Rich in history, modern in state-of-art energy management, and elegant, Three Stories makes a perfect place to “get away from it all”.  Three Stories brings a new way of vacationing on the Connecticut shore.  Who ever said you can’t have it all has never been to Three Stories!  Make those reservations early and tell them Wicked sent you.

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