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Mokai Gravity Canyon New Zealand
17 Nov

Six Ways To Get An Extreme Rush In New Zealand

Things done to an extreme level can be a good thing, or a bad thing. All extreme activities in New Zealand though, are not only good, but mind-blowing. If you’re looking to take your life experiences to the next level, then New Zealand is the spot to head to.  Widely considered the adventure mecca of the world, New Zealand has more adventure activities to choose from than almost anywhere else on the planet.  Here are six of the most extreme and exciting adventure activities you’ll find in on the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Surf’s Up

River Surfing New Zealand

Oh, is surfing your thing? Fantastic. There’s a bit of a twist though, you won’t be in the ocean for this surfing experience. Nope, bodyboard, you in a wetsuit, and the raging water of the Kawarau River. How does that sound? River surfing, no raft here, just a dude waiting for you downstream a few kilometers away.  Have fun!


Ice Climbing New Zealand

Climbing is tons of fun. Finding the right grips for your fingers and feet is challenging and makes getting to the top even more rewarding. What if we switched the rocks out for ice though? Could you handle it? Try your hand at ice climbing at Fox Glacier. Ropes are still used, so don’t start shaking in your boots, but you will surely need a lesson before ascending these frozen sheets.

Taking the Plunge

Bungy Jump Kawarau Bridge New Zealand

It’s impossible to mention extreme and New Zealand without including the infamous Kawarau Bridge bungy jump in Queenstown where bungy jumping was born. This worldwide acclaimed leap off a bridge is an activity for any thrill seeker. There’s different ways to drop down depending on you. Have a friend? Why not jump together? Want to show off? Somersault and spin your way off the platform. You can even request a dip in the river if you so choose.

It’s a Bit Dark in Here

Waitomo Cave New Zealand

Caves are cool. You can hear your echo, you can see some impressive stalactites and stalagmites, but how about really exploring one; one of the most insane caves on the planet? Located on the North Island, high tail it to Waitomo to get this lifetime moment etched in your brain. Climb, swim, abseil, and making your way through waterfalls, all while you’re in a massive cave.

Swing Like a Bird

Mokai Gravity Canyon New Zealand

That’s it. The Kiwis are crazy. Who thinks of these things? If playing on the playground as a child, was, well, child’s play, then the Mokai Gravity Canyon would certainly fulfill your need for an insane jungle gym. There’s a plethora of shocking and extreme activities to get hyped about such as, getting launched and then zipline at 160 kilometers an hours through a canyon, a 50 meter free fall, and a heart-pumping obstacle course.

Sky Jump

Sky Tower Jump Auckland New Zealand

No, really, Skyjumping is a thing. After you jump from the Auckland Skytower, head first, you will be in an eleven second freefall above the city of Auckland. Your ‘flying suit’ then opens in a starfish position so you can glide down and land on your feet. Talk about an adrenaline buzz…

So if you need some extreme pictures of your vacation to tease your friends with, New Zealand is the place to head off to.

Photo Source:  Google Commons