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Puerto Vallarta
27 Oct

Escape The Cold – 5 Adventure Vacation Destinations Where It’s Hot in February

5 Places To Escape To Where it’s Hot Hot Hot in February

Ever get the winter blues or just want to take advantage of the notorious airline discounts during the dreaded, coldest-month-of-the-year—February? Whether it’s for sunnier skies, the thrill of adventure, or a romantic getaway with your sweetie, here are five places that will definitely turn up the temperature in your life as they are sure to be hot in February.

Relaxing, Historical and Iconic: Lima, Peru and surrounding areas

If you’re flying into Peru, you’re very likely to land in its capital city, Lima. Although some people may be quick to rush to other cities or areas in Peru, stay put! Enjoy one of Lima’s beautiful beaches, a variety of ceviche and the country’s signature drink, pisco.

Lima Peru

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After you’ve enjoyed your time in the ocean side capital, take a trip out to Peru’s most famous attraction, Machu Pichu. The ruins have captured the imagination of countless travellers for centuries. This 15th century Inca site sits 2,430 meters above sea level in the Cusco Region of the Machiu Picchu District of Peru, just 50 miles from the historical capital of the Incan Empire and a bustling city itself today, Cusco. Enjoy the breathtaking views with this fair warning: you’ll be doing a lot of walking! Make sure you have a pair of sturdy shoes or hiking boots before you take on the trek.

Machu Picchu

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With ancient ruins, time-transformative sprinklings of Incan and Spanish architectural relics, and a culture of food sure to please any foodie, Peru will be sure to spice up any travel plans this winter.

Economical and Stunning: Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States

Located in Navajo Nation near Page, Arizona, the Antelope Canyon is a dream come true for photographers and sightseers. The slot canyon has two separate sections, formed from millions of years of water flow through its crevices. The result: a rainbow of color that will stun the eyes and leave a lasting impression. Located right here stateside, it also proves to be a more economical choice for those looking for something a little closer to home. It is only accessible by tour, though, through either Navajo agencies or private tour companies, so be sure to check out availability before you book your trip!

Canyon Land Arizona

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Water Fun and Family Friendly: Hidden Beach and Underwater River near Puerto Vallerta, Mexico

If you are looking for something more water-oriented, get ready for a beach-lover’s paradise. Located just 22 nautical miles from Puerta Vallerta, Mexico in the Marieta Island chain, Hidden Beach is thought to have formed millions of years ago by volcanic activity. First used as a military testing site in the early 20th century, the Mexican government made the entire island chain a natural park in the 1960s. The hidden beach is a World UNESCO site for its abundant bird and oceanic life.

Additionally, Puerta Vallerta boasts countless comfortable and family friendly resorts, restaurants and activities, sure to have something that pleases everyone coming along. Want to learn how to scuba dive? Then be sure not to miss the Underwater River located in Cenote Angelita just a few miles away. Formed from a sinkhole that trapped both fresh and salt water deep below its surface, this is a stunning natural phenomenon every traveler should experience.

Puerto Vallarta

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A Backpacker’s Destination: Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Mount Raraima sits at the intersection of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil, but is most accessible from the Venezuelan side. It is the highest of the South American ”tepui”, or flat top mountains, and is estimated to have formed 1.8 billion years ago from underwater sandstone deposits! Most commonly trekked with a tour guide due to unpredictable cloud coverage once the top is reached, it offers a challenging and life-changing adventure with scenic views for climbers, hikers and off-the-beaten-path vacationers alike. The peak can even be reached by four wheeler when conditions are good for those looking to cut the trek time. It typically takes two days to reach the mountain’s base by foot, so look into buying a durable trekking backpack. After another day, travelers will reach “la rampa”, a natural staircase path that leads upward to one of the most spectacular vantage points on earth.

To get there, it’s best to fly into Santa Elena de Uairen, a town in Brazil very close to the border. Then, you’ll take a shuttle or bus to the village Paraitepui in Venezuela. Here you can either get a guide or check in with park authorities before setting out on this transformative journey.

Venezuela Hiking

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 An African Retreat: Victoria Falls and Star Gazing, Zambia

February proves to be one of the most spectacular times of the year for viewing the most powerful, daunting and mesmerizing waterfalls in the world, the Victoria Falls. Kicking off Zambia’s flood season, the falls will be at their strongest, roaring down with such majestic power that its native name, “Mosi-oa-Tunya’” (which translates to “The Smoke that Thunders”), will make complete sense. Just a few miles from the town of Livingstone, the area is established with several different paths to make sure every traveler gets the benefit of whatever vantage point desired with ease.


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While you’re there, be sure to check out one of the most amazing natural sky shows, rivaling even the Northern Lights of the Great North, where constellations like the Southern Cross, or Crux, suddenly become visible. Notorious for its central placement in countless mythologies, national identities, and religious beliefs, you’ll leave Zambia having seen a sky you’ve truly never laid eyes on before. How refreshing is that?

Don’t let February’s dreaded cold weather get you down this year! Now that we’ve shared our hottest February travel destinations with you, tell us where you plan to take off to in the comments below.

About The Author:  Sarah Santucci is an avid traveler and food lover, who enjoys hiking as much as possible in the Pennsylvania Wilds where she resides. She holds her masters degree in religious studies, and undergraduate degrees in biology and religion. She spent a year in Rome, Italy, where she enjoyed backpacking through Europe. Last year, she fulfilled a lifelong dream of hiking in the Alaskan wilderness alone. Her next big adventure hopes to be completing a nearly 500 mile trek by foot on the Camino de Santiago from France to Spain with her brother.