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6 Aug

Wonderous Wildlife Experiences in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a region that offers some of the most wondrous wildlife experiences in Europe. With an array of wild animals, Scandinavia offers a rich opportunity to explore and experience life in the wild. The Scandinavian region offers fresh approaches towards having fulfilling wildlife experiences as nature intended, without going to the zoo.

Raindeer Migration

Scandinavia offers some of the best wildlife viewing experiences. The following are some of the wondrous experiences that you should expect in Scandinavia.

The reindeer migration: If you are looking to experience the magnificent reindeer migration, then you should embark on an exciting journey into the arctic wilderness in Norway. With a wonderful trek that leads to the airy summit of that overlooks the impressive Lyngen Fjord, you will find the reindeers grazing and cooling themselves during the summer season.

The Swedish experience: Skinnskatteberg and the Bergslagen forest is one of the most exciting locations that offers a wondrous wildlife experience. This location offers some of the best sites in terms of the Moose, Wolves, and Beavers. With time, you can also experience other rare wildlife that includes Lynx, Bear, and the famous owls.

The Tromso Whale Safari:
Sandanavia Whale Safari

This is one of the largest within the Scandinavian regions. This location offers breathtaking whale safari excursions. During the winter season, you stand a great chance of encountering both humpbacks and orcas. Other forms of wildlife that you stand a chance of seeing include seals and sea eagles.

Lake Hornborga: this is the greatest bird paradise within the Scandinavian region. This spectacular region is surrounded by lovely cultural heritage that enhance your viewing experience. A visit to this wildlife site offers you an opportunity to behold the spectacular crane dance. The annual crane migration has made this location to be one of the most famous regions in the world.

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