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21 Apr

Pay-As-You-Go VIP Airport Lounges Coming To USA At Last

There’s a new VIP airport lounge experience that every flyer needs to know about. Up until now only elite flyers with oodles of airline miles and the willingness to purchase expensive annual memberships have had access to VIP airline lounges at US airports.  Although many airline lounges allow passengers to purchase a one-time use pass for $50 per person, you still need to be ticketed on that particular airline on the day you wish to access the airline lounge.  Now The Club Airport Lounges is redesigning how travelers access VIP treatment while waiting for their flight to board with pay-as-you-go airport lounges.  This could mean no more cramped, uncomfortable waits in overcrowded gate areas for you!

The Club at DFW Airport

For over 10 years, pay-per-use VIP lounges have been spreading throughout Europe and Asia and they are finally coming to airports in the United States.  The Clubs charges only $35 to use their VIP lounge which includes free Wi-Fi, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, and spirits.  There are TVs, flight info, workstations, printing, faxing and conference room facilities.  While you must be ticketed to fly on the day of use, you do not have to purchase a membership or be flying on a particular airline.  You may purchase admission coupons at the reception desk or in advance on the website or by phone.

To date, The Club has lounges at the international airports in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Jose; with plans to double that number in the next three years.  Travelers who are members of Priority Pass, VIP Diners Club or Lounge Pass may use The Club free of charge.

So now every traveler can be a VIP traveler with access to luxury airport lounges without having to purchase annual memberships or pay substantial fees.  If you’ll be traveling abroad, Lounge Pass has a similar program with one-time-use entry fee starting at 13.50 GBP per use.  The next time your flight gets cancelled or you have a long layover, just head to the VIP lounge, eat, drink and catch up on our email in comfort!