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Mountain Biking Oregon
24 Mar

Most Scenic Mountain Bike Trails in the Pacific Northwest

The Northwestern United States and Canada are known for having some the best biking trails in North America. Mountain biking is a great sport and a wonderful way to take in some stunning scenery and enjoy the hospitality of the locals along the way. With the large number and diversity of the trails through the region, you will always have a new and exciting trail to explore. Here are five of the most scenic bike trails in the Northwest United States and Canada.

Mountain Biking in Pacific Northwest

Banks Veronica State Trail, Oregon

The Banks Veronica Trail is an old railroad track, and is Oregon’s first rail-to-trail. Bike through 21 miles on a flat multi-use path surrounded by scenic forests. Wooden trestles and 13 old bridges are scattered along the way. Located 26 miles outside of Portland, the trail is accessible all year round from six different starting points.

Sunrise, Mount Rainier National Park

Cover ground and elevation on the 28-mile round-trip bike trail that leads from the entrance at White River to Sunrise in the Mount Rainier National Park. Pedal past crystal clear streams and glimpse spectacular views of the mountains. It is common to see deer and other wildlife on this exhilarating ride.

Whistler Mountain Bike Trail, British Columbia

Perhaps the most versatile bike trail in all of Canada, Whistler has endless riding options. Explore an amazing variety of terrain filled with incredible scenery. This bike rider’s haven features rental shops with great rides, along with bike-friendly accommodations that provide you with secure storage. Finish the day with a hot tub soak and drinks on a sunny patio.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Crater Lake is one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. The bike trail here is a fabulous way to drink in the beauty of the lake and its panoramic surroundings. Covering 33 scenic miles, there are ample overlooks and pullouts. For a weekend get-a-way, book a night or two at the historic Crater Lake Lodge.

Hornby Island Trails, British Columbia

The Hornby Island Trails in the Northern Gulf Islands have the perfect set-up for biking with its up and down slopes that are not too steep, though you may need a Hitch City bicycle rack from Toronto to get all your gear to this location. Riding is fast on the trails and flowing with minimal tight corners and braking sections. Perfect grading makes nearly all the trails a mountain biker’s dream. Climb to the summit of Mt. Geoffrey and relax with lunch and a gorgeous view.

Whether you are a seasoned “mountain goat” or looking for a new sport, Check out these and other great biking trails in the Pacific Northeast and Canada.

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