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O'Neills Pub Dublin Ireland
17 Feb

Where To Sample The Best Traditional Dishes of Dublin

The Best Traditional Dishes in Dublin                                            

Sometimes, when you’re exploring an unfamiliar location on a getaway or vacation, one of the most intriguing parts comes with sampling the culinary delights of the area. Most people think of Dublin and anticipate the pub food, but Dublin is also a place of fantastic culinary delights and enjoyment.  Let’s take a look at some of the places you can go to for amazing dishes that are traditional to Dublin.

Gallahger’s Boxty House

Gallaghers Boxty House Dublin Ireland

Typically associated with the Northern midlands, a Boxty is a traditional Irish potato pancake which generally contains a combination of mashed potatoes, finely grated raw potatoes, baking soda, buttermilk, egg and flour. The mixture is usually shaped and fried on a griddle pan for a few minutes each side, but it can also be boiled as a dumpling or baked as a loaf if you would prefer to try something a little different. The Boxty house offers various types of Boxty, from the traditional pancakes with corned beef and cabbage, to indulgent dumplings covered with Portobello cream and blue cheese. After you’ve enjoyed your taste of Boxty, you can finish your meal off with a hearty Irish stew, butter slathered soda bread, and an ice-cold beer.

O’Niell’s Pub

O'Neills Pub Dublin Ireland

O’Niell’s pub is located directly in Dublin’s city centre, and is known to be one of Ireland’s finest traditional bars, having been serving up delectable dishes for around three hundred years. If you plan to visit this restaurant, make sure you work up an appetite, as they pile the plates high with delicious Sunday roasts and carvery lunches. You can enjoy a creamy bowl full of Bantry Bay mussels, indulge in a rich beef Guinness stew, or even try your hand at a dozen oysters served with a warm slab of soda bread.

The Pepper Pot

The Pepper Pot Dublin

Situated on a busy balcony in the centre of a beautiful period building, the Pepper Pot is a perfect spot to sit and relax with some post-shopping lunch. The menu here might be small, but everything is homemade with care and love, and the options are simply delicious such as:

  • Irish whiskey and pecan tart.
  • Crumbly Guinness and pumpkin seed bread with local cream cheese and Burren smoked salmon
  • Black pudding, red onion marmalade and Cashel blue cheese tart
  • Organic cabbage soup with caraway seed and chilli.

Temple Bar Market

Temple Bar Market Dublin

If you feel like making some traditional Irish cuisine for yourself, then the best place to look for some fantastic ingredients, whilst getting a taste from various stalls full of hot, delectable food is the Temple Bar Market. Walk around the temple bar on Saturdays, and you’ll find Dublin’s mecca for food-lovers, who gather together to chat and exchange beautiful produce through heaving stalls. Pick up some gourmet samples such as David Llewellyn’s irish-grown apple juice, Hicks venison sausages or Frank Hendermann’s smoked mackerel from Co Clare.  At the John Mac’s stall, you can order six freshly-opened oysters that were harvested just the day before to enjoy with a slice of fresh brown soda bread.

Queen Of Tarts

Queen of Tarts Dublin

If you’re hungry for a delightful Irish Breakfast in Dublin, a great place to visit is the Queen of Tarts, where you can order a hearty meal of sausage, bacon, eggs, beans, baked tomato and toasted brown bread. The place has a warm and cosy casual air, and if you feel like something a little lighter, there are a variety of scones and delicious tarts made from scratch on offer, like warm plum and lemon meringue. The Irish version of our ‘full English’ doesn’t come with beans, but it does include a yummy potato-chive cake.

About The Author: 
Becky loved to visit Dublin.  Besides the fact that there are amazing pubs to visit there, both in terms of food and drinks, there are also lots of attractions she could visit.  Dublin really provided here with the holiday of a lifetime and she can’t wait to go back.
Photo Source:  Google Commons