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Villefrance Sur Mer France
9 Sep

Yachting in the French Riviera, 8 Magnificent Ports

For many people, there is no better way to enjoy a vacation than on a boat whether it be sailing, yachting or on a cruise. France is often considered to be the pastime’s epicenter. The French Riviera is home to a multitude of celebrated cities that need to be high on the list of anyone considering taking a boating trip in the area.

If you’re thinking about touring the south of France by sea, here are eight places you can’t miss:

1. Cannes
Cannes View

One of the most famous cities in all of France thanks to its annual, exclusive film festival, Cannes is a boater’s paradise. Visitors can walk along the Croisette boardwalk or spend the day shopping along the neighboring Rue d’Antibes.

2. Marseille
Marsielle Harbor

Marseille is the second largest city of the country, and another of the most popular French Riviera destinations. With a history defining it as an important coastal city, Marseille’s history stretch back over 2,600 years to its Phoenician origins. In recent years, local government and business leaders have spearheaded a movement to promote Marseille as a more prominent tourist destination.

3. Nice
Nice Promonade

Cruise your boat up to Nice’s Old Port and Old Town areas to enjoy classic French Riviera charm. Nice serves as a starting point for many visitors to the area thanks to its busy airport. To truly experience the area, take a stroll along the Promenade des Anglais, or relax nearby on the beautiful pebbled beaches.

4. Cassis
Cassis France

Situated near Marseille, Cassis draws visitors with its magnificent cliffs and stunning rock formations. Much smaller than its bustling neighbor, Cassis gives visitors the chance to enjoy a quiet hike or stroll along the waterfront.

5. Lerin Islands
Lerin Islands France

The Lerin Islands are made up of two land masses, Ile Sainte-Marguerite and Ile Saint-Honorat, sitting off of the coast of Cannes. Ile Sainte-Marguerite is the larger of the two islands, and features a luscious forest lined with pine and eucalyptus trees. On the smaller island, one of the largest draws is the working abbey which produces some of the region’s best local wine.

6. Bandol
Bandol France

If you’re looking lay back and have any luxury you need brought to you, consider spending a day in Bandol. Bandol is a Mediterranean resort town which trades the bustling city life for a serene, natural atmosphere. Spend your time relaxing on the beaches, strolling through the woods or visiting one of the local wineries.

7. Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez

Often considered one of the most exclusive vacation destinations in the world, Saint Tropez attracts upscale guests and party-goers to its Pampelonne Beach as well as its rustic old port area. Thanks to its diverse activities, Saint Tropez is one of the French Riviera’s most popular honeymoon destinations. The waterfront of Saint Tropez is regularly lined with impressive and expensive yachts all year-round.

8. Villefranche-sur-Mer
Villefrance Sur Mer France

Located between the French city of Nice and the sovereign nation of Monca, Villefranche-sur-Mer is a rustic French Riviera destination. Guests to the city can revel in the area’s cobblestone streets, red roofs, and medieval design.

Boating around the French Riviera is a trip that you will surely remember for the rest of your life. The region is full of history, amenities and countless beautiful views. There are a plethora of destinations for any time of traveler such as a day spent relaxing in Saint Tropez, touring historic Marseille or shopping in Cannes. When planning your next trip, be sure to put serious through to the French Riviera.

About The Author:  Tim Baker is a veteran traveler who has spent years traveling around the globe. When not traveling, Tim shares his experiences and maritime resources on a myriad of travel blogs.
Photo Credits:  Google Commons