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motorcycle trails
31 Jul

Biggest Thrills on Two Wheels – World’s Most Iconic Motorcycle Rides

With a passion for wanderlust and love for the open road, discovering nature’s beauty on two-wheels can be an unforgettable adventure. Break free from life’s monotony with your motor bike to explore mesmerizing mountain passes, gentle valleys and peaceful pathways along great rivers. If you’re ready to take your two-wheeled baby beyond your hometown trails and experience breathtaking vistas overseas, then the following top motorcycle tours in the world may just provide you with the journey of a lifetime.

motorcycle trails

For everyone who can’t take your bike with you (and you probably can’t) you’ll want to find a reputable rental agency before you leave. Friends who have made similar trips are great resources, as are travel agencies.  You can also consult sites like or No matter what bike you’re riding, you’ll also have to research the local laws of the road. In Austria, for example, you must wear a reflective vest and purchase toll stickers for your windshield. Do a Google search and look for results that come from authoritative sources, like the local government. Be sure you know the safety requirements, minimum insurance to carry, what side of the road to drive on, and who has the right of way.

South America — Chile & Argentina

Recreate Che Guevara’s famous motorcycle ride, which started in Santiago, Chile, and went onward throughout beautiful South American landscapes. The route challenges your riding skills by weaving around Andes Mountain roadways. En route, you’ll have the chance to break for a day and go kayaking or forest hiking. Once you continue to travel south through Argentina, you’ll delight in the archipelago Tierra del Fuego and the mammoth Perito Moreno Glacier — one of the world’s largest glaciers. Exposure to historic locales and beautiful natural wonders, your South American adventure will be an enriching experience.

Perito Mereno Glacier

Perito Mereno Glacier photo from Flickr user Dimitry B.

The Alps of Germany to the Dolomites of Italy

Kick off this breathtaking trip in Munich, Germany, and make your way south throughout the Alps in Austria and into northeastern Italy. In the land of the famous Ducati motorcycle and home to champion motorcycle racers, you’ll quickly learn how Italian-based riders have achieved such prowess: their roads. This country’s landscape and infrastructure serves as a training course for riders with exquisite skills. Ride in Italy, particularly through the Dolomites, and you’ll encounter fantastic sites. You’ll see “picturesque villages nestled in the rocky crags,” reports the HCCMIS travel blog, “as well as beautiful wild vistas overlooking alpine lakes,” while traversing throughout the Dolomites Mountains.

Dolomites of Italy

Photo of the Dolomites of Italy from Flickr user Natalia / GreenLakeBlue Photography.

The East Coast of Australia

While riding your bike down the Pacific Ocean coast of Australia, you can zigzag inland — and back out again — to experience rain forests, amazing waves and surfing and desert landscapes. This rugged country is ripe for wild adventure when you strap on your helmet and rev up your engine. Zip through Australia and document yet another thrilling tour into your riding log book.

Queensland beach

Queensland beach photo from Flickr user Michael Coghlan / mikecogh.

South Africa

Travel from Johannesburg to Capetown and soak in the sites of two oceans — the Atlantic and Indian — while you’re riding in beautiful South Africa. Discover diverse terrain such as grasslands, canyon passes, ocean side paths and valleys. Soak in the cool ocean breezes as you traverse the stunning landscape. For a break, hop off your bike and stroll through tiny ocean side towns as well as the bustling cities, such as Johannesburg, to take in culture and meet interesting locals.

Lone Hill in Johannesburg

Photo of Lone Hill in Johannesburg from Flickr user Derek Keats.

Route 66

Don’t forget the classic pass and historic journey of the United States that begins in Chicago, Illinois, and winds its way — via the famed Route 66 — to Santa Monica, California. On a Route 66 tour, you can fully absorb the American kitsch experience. Visit roadside flea markets, antique shops, famous barbecue restaurants and any quaint little stop that seems to be the epitome of Americana.

Route 66 in Yavapai County, AZ

Photo of Route 66 in Yavapai County, AZ from Flickr user Wouter Kiel.

About The Author: This article was shared by Jesse Campbell,  Jesse is a freelancer from Omaha who writes about automobiles, motorcycles and outdoor adventures.