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3 Jul

Slovenia, Europe’s Hidden Mediterranean Jewel

Today I am going to tell you about a small but very beautiful country in Europe that is called Slovenia. If you haven’t heard of it before, don’t worry because you are surely not the only one!  It is such a small European country that not many people know about it, but once discovered, visitors return time and time again!

The country is located in central Europe and has many well known neighbours like Italy, Austria and Croatia. Slovenia is a very diverse land with natural wonders from caves, to soaring alps, to a small coastline on the Mediterranean sea which is only 42 kilometers long. With such diversity, there are many things to see and do in Slovenia.

Piran Slovenia

I don’t know what your preferences are, but I love the sun and the sea so let us start there. First on our list is a coastal city called Piran which was voted the most beautiful city in Slovenia. This town still has that medieval look and feel with its narrow streets and buildings that are squeezed as tightly together as possible. The church is one of the must see attractions as it looks today as it did when it was built in 1637! Another thing that you should check out is Tartini square which is a hub of activity and local gathering spot.

Portoroz Slovenia

Second on our list is Portorož another coastal town, but this one is the center of tourism on the Slovenian coast. It has quite a few 5 star hotels that offer their guests every imaginable luxury but you can still book a hotel here for reasonable prices. It offers great nightlife and be sure to experience the long boardwalks where you can eat ice cream with your friends or loved ones.

Slovenia Cave

Now let’s move away from the coast and visit our third destination, a town called Postojna. This town is actually world famous for its Postojna cave which is one of most visited caves not just in Europe but in whole world! Over 500,000 visit it each year and ride with the small train that drives through the over 10 kilometer long cave! The cave is also known for its “human fish” or proteus which can be only found in this particular cave and nowhere else in the world! There is also a concert hall with great acoustics in this cave which can hold up to 10,000 people! There are many concerts performed here throughout the year and it really is a special experience.


Number four on our list is the capital of Slovenia called Ljubljana. Ljubljana is the biggest city in Slovenia and usually the place where all the biggest concerts and events take place. There is always something to do in Ljubljana, for example you can visit the castle from which you have a great view of the whole city or take a stroll through its streets and visit the dragon bridge and sit in small caves near the river Ljubljanica. In the summer months many tourists visit this city so it can get very crowded on its streets but the people here are always friendly and helpful.

Lake Bled Slovenia

And the last stop on our tour is Bled. Bled is best known for its lake and a small island in the middle of the lake. On this small island is a church where young lovers go to ring the church bell. That is supposed to make their relationship long lasting and full of happiness. Bled is now a tourist center with many hotels and camps but it is also the center of rowing in Slovenia with many contests being held on the lake. A few years ago the lake also hosted the rowing world championship for example. Bled also lies just in front of the mountain ranges and because of that is a great starting point if you want to go hiking into the mountains.

I would have many other places to write about in this beautiful little country but  for now I will stop here. This should also give you an excuse to do some more research about this country and see what else it has to offer. And if you can visit it, because its beauties should be seen and not just read about.

Photo Credits:  Google Creative Commons