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Charlottes Bistro
21 Sep

Britain’s Best French Bistros – A Taste of France in the UK

The UK is home to every kind of food you can imagine and Bistros are a prime example of this rule. Bistros typically have a relaxed, calm atmosphere and serve really good French food. They are a meeting point between French cuisine, and slow, chilled out dining. Here is our top choices!

1.)  Galvin in London
Galvin Bistro
Stepping into Galvins is like visiting France for a few hours, as the tables, chairs and waiting staff are fully decked out in French Style. Tables are quite close together and it is often full, so no guests feel the sense of privacy and comfort that they should in a Bistro (although be warned, there are a lot of suits in here!). The menu is very up market with specialty crabs and oysters peppering the menu.  Entrees start from between £8-13 and mains getting to £18-30. Fixed menus are available for those who are not confident with the French menu and all food is fresh, tasty and luxurious. No wonder it’s a business meeting favorite!  (66 Baker Street, Greater London – Telephone: 020 7935 4007)

2.)  Charlottes Bistro, London
Charlottes Bistro
Based in Chiswick, London, Charlottes Bistro is a true gem and most definitely worth a visit. The extremely friendly service paired with the extraordinary food is what has earned this Bistro its place on our list. The interior is modern and airy and menu is made up of a wide variety of innovative dishes, ranging from a Pumpkin & Carrot Veloute with Duck Confit to a Barbequed Lamb Breast. The wine list is extensive and the cocktails are great, with the Mojito deserving a special mention. If it is a bargain you are looking for then try the weekday lunch menu at £16.40 for two courses.  (6 Turnham Green Terrace  Chiswick, Greater London – Telephone: 020 8742 3590)

Cassis Bistro on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge.
Cassis Bistro London
The Cassis Bistro on Brompton Road seems like any normal Bistro from the outside. Inside, a small space is dedicated to French black and white tables and chairs which are beautifully decorated with fine cutlery and glasses which makes the mood more up market than the small size would have you believe. The food is full of very fresh, Mediterranean ingredients that leave you full, but light. A great choice for lunch, set menus are highly reasonable and will set you back within the region of £20 per head making this Bistro a great lunch stop for a meeting with friends before a day out.  (232-236 Brompton Road, London – Telephone: 020 7581 1101)

4.)  The Lawn Bistro in Wimbledon
The Lawn Bistro
The Lawn Bistro is so called because of it’s close proximity to Wimbledon, making it a favorite with tennis spectators during the season of tennis. More than that, it’s the very simple ordering of a set lunch, dinner or evening meal that makes this a favorite as you can enjoy all of the lovely taste and flavours of a good Bistro with none of the thinking and choosing, all for around £30 per head and they even throw in a glass of wine too!  (67 High Street, London – Telephone: 020 8947 8278)

About The Author:  Ben writes about travel and food and loves to blog about his restaurant experiences. He recently set up his own blog at to write about his favorite restaurants and recipes.


  • Martyn - Travelling Around the World
    10/30/2012 at 1:53 pm

    I’m absolutely obsessed at the moment with reading about fancy restaurants, all prompted by a conversation about how good expensive food really is… Some of these suggestions look great, looks like I’ll need a trip to London though!

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