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7 Jul

How To Be A Travel Writer – One Of The Best Jobs on Earth

So you’d like to know how to be a travel writer and roam the world on an endless adventure? Well, who wouldn’t want to visit exotic destinations (often by invitation) with nothing more important to do than turn its splendor into words for others to enjoy.  If you’ve always fantasized about being a Travel Writer at some point in your life… we have great news.

There has never been a time when entry into travel writing has been more accessile.  Thanks to the internet and the blogisphere, everyone with a computer, grammatical skills, a creative spirit, a bit of discipline and lots of imagination can take a stab at sharing their travel knowledge and experiences with the world.  The first challenge is to decide what type of travel writer you’d like to be.  Will you become a nomad traveling the world, blogging and writing articles as you go?  Will you submit stories of your travels to newspapers, travel magazines and other peoples travel blogs?  Do you have a strong vision and niche interest to start a blog of your own?  Here are some wonderful sources to help you decide just how to begin your journey to becoming a travel writer:

The Travel Writer's Handbook
Pick up a copy of The Travel Writer’s Handbook, How To Write and Sell Your Own Travel Experiences (now in its 7th Edition).  This entertaining guide is a close to a travel writer’s how-to bible as you can get.  The authors bring you through all steps you’ll need from finding your voice, resources and focus, to how to find inspiration, to finding a market for your work and how to  promote yourself.  After reading this reference cover to cover, you’ll be prepared to power up your laptop and write some stories.  The Travel Writer’s Handbook is available through

If you feel you need a more hands-on approach with writing workshops and assignments, there are several excellent travel courses to try.

Matadore Network has an excellent online 12 week course called Matadore U, for a very reasonable $350 fee.  They will teach you how to craft a basic story into an article filled with emotion and memorable descriptions.  They also cover the challenges of making money as a travel writer and finding your way in this very competitive arena.

Gotham Writer’s Workshop is another outstanding online course to for learning and honing your travel writing skills.  This is New York’s leading creative writing school and has a reputation for inspiring passion for the written word whether it be for travel or another interest.  They offer a 10 week travel writing course for $399.

The Travel Writer’s Life is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a 3 day travel writer’s workshop.  In 2012 they have workshops in San Francisco in July and Washington DC in September.  These quick travel writer’s workshops are sure to get your creative writing juices flowing.  The 3 day workshop fee is $465.  Their website is also packed with great instructional articles to access anytime.

So just like a grand adventure, begin your journey to becoming a travel writer today.  Write about just one of the wonderful travel experiences you’ve had, or perhaps a disastrous one, and send an email off to a travel editor at a newspaper, travel magazine or travel blog.  You might just be on your way to an exciting life as a travel writer.

Here at WickedGoodTravelTips, we’re always willing to review well written articles for possible publication on our site.  Just visit our “Write For Us” tab at the top of the page for more information.


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