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Maltese Boats
27 Apr

Where is Malta? Right Where History Meets The Mediterranean Sea

For everyone wondering where Malta is, here’s a rundown of the charms and attractions of this fascinating country. 

Malta MapMalta is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea, near the Italian island of Sicily. It’s actually an archipelago, though only three of the islands are inhabited. This beautiful area is best known for having some of the oldest buildings in the world. Over the years, the country has been inhabited by many different groups, due to the natural harbors and strategic location near other prominent  countries. The British were the last to take over the region until Malta won it’s independence in 1964. A trip to Malta for vacation will combine ancient ruins, a blend of local cultures and cuisines.

Malta’s Historic Sites
Maltese BoatsThough the nation is small in geographic size, there’s a wealth of activities and sights for tourists. Your first stop should be two centers of culture; Valletta and Mdina. They are both of historical significance and boast striking examples of ancient architecture.  You might also want to visit one of the more traditional areas: Rabat and Marsaxlokk which are both examples of how the native Maltese have lived through the centuries.

Shopping Spots in Malta
After you’ve spent some time exploring what makes Malta architecturally unique, you may want to take advantage of the amenities of your hotel or resort, and then move on to shopping. Valetta, the capital of Malta, is the perfect place to find great shopping.  If you have a sweet tooth then you have to visit Camirelli and Sons for some bonbons and pastries. Music lovers will like D’Amat: Records, where you can pick up some old school vinyl records to listen to while you enjoy a beautiful evening with a nice drink, or two.

There’s also a host of museums and cafes in town, so you can explore the area’s history and culture.  Automotive lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the car museum, full of classic cars and historical tidbits. For the nature lovers, the city is also well known for the gardens that are scattered throughout the urban and suburban areas.

Good Eats
The cuisine in Malta is fresh and focuses on local ingredients, so restaurant’s favorite dishes will depend on the season. You’ll find some great seafood dishes and island-inspired meals.  Much of the cooking of Malta has been influenced by the different cultures that made Malta their home throughout the years.  Lampuki , also known as mahi-mahi, is a favorite fish of travelers and locals alike. Locals use it to make lampuki pie, full of fish and fresh ingredients with a flaky crust. You’ll find a lot of the flavors similar to what you’ll come across in Sicily with fresh ripe tomatoes, olive oil and garlic liberally used.

Preparing for Your Malta Vacation
Malta has a typical Mediterranean climate with wet, windy winters and dry, hot summers. Depending on when you visit Malta, you may need to prepare for a vast difference in temperatures between day and night. Talking to someone who has visited the same time of year as when you’ll be visiting can be a great way to make sure you prepare for your trip; you can also search for weather forecasts online before you leave.

Consider purchasing travel insurance that can protect your entire travel party. After you’ve taken care of that, make sure you have your passport, visa or other items in order.

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