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20 Dec

Skype Gives Everyone A Present of Free Airport WiFi For The Holidays

The good folks at Skype want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to connect with their loved ones while traveling this holiday season. We can all relate to the video shots each Christmas of travelers delayed in airports, lamenting the fact that they can’t be with their loved ones as expected.  Skype hopes their free WiFi promotion will enable travelers to have a video chat with their family while transiting through airports.

Beginning on December 21st, Skype is providing travelers with one hour of free WiFi connectivity  through hotspots in 50 airports across the country.  The free WiFi promotion will continue through December 27th.  Airports included in the promotion include JFK, Newark, San Francisco, Chicago O’Hare, Boston and many more.  Here’s a map of participating airports:

Skype Free Wifi Map




To access the free WiFi, be sure that you have downloaded the latest version of Skype onto your PC, Mac or iOS device.  Sign in and check for the availability of a supported Hot Spot.  If you don’t see an airport you’ll be traveling through on the map – all is not lost.  There’s a possibility that the airport already offers free WiFi to travelers.

Check out all the details of the free WiFi offer.

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