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Lagos Beach
31 Oct

Favorite Honeymoon Beach Destinations in Europe

Many couples are looking forward to their honeymoon in a distant location. One of the best experiences for celebrating a honeymoon is by getting close to the sea. The beauty of the beach along with the serene location is the best place for the couples to be together and bond. Here are some great beach honeymoon destinations in Europe.

1. Curonian Spit: This is an excellent beach destination located on the Baltic Sea. The beach stretches to about 98 km. The best way to reach the port is by means of a ferry from the Lithuanian port. The honeymooners can enjoy exotic views of the pine trees and the contrasting blue skies, dunes, etc. The sparkling golden sand is an amazing site for the visitors. The couple can indulge in biking or strolling around the neighboring villages, also enjoy some native cuisine and sea foods.

2. Barleycove: Barleycove is a gorgeous beach in Ireland. Couples who wish to have a secluded honeymoon spot far from the crowds can choose this location with its few notable attractions like the rolling waves, sand dunes and lovely sand. The surrounding areas are interesting with sand dunes and lagoons. You may also get to watch herring gulls, swans and cormorants. Explore the nearby villages Coleen and Crookhaven for a change.

Tuscany Beach3. Tuscany: The Tuscan beaches offer spectacular views of Italy. It is located on the beaches of the Mediterranean coasts namely Forte dei Miami, Ronchi and Marina di Carrara. This is one of the best locations if you are dreaming of a beach honeymoon. Early booking is a must if you want to enjoy the location. Indulge in various activities like wine tours, bicycling, casinos, windsurfing, land tours, etc.

4. St. Tropez: If you are looking for a thrilling location then choose St. Tropez beaches in France. It is one of the most popular beach destinations of Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. The location has a lot of casinos, beaches, hotels, restaurants, resorts etc for the honeymooners. You need to book early if you want to find good accommodation. There are many places to explore like the wineries, local festivals and championships etc.

Santorini5. Santorini: The Greek island is very popular among honeymooners. The land may seem to be quite busy at certain times. However, there are many multi-colored beaches with lavish accommodations. Greek cuisine is also an added advantage that attracts the guests to the shop filled and cobble-stoned village called Fira. The views are also spectacular.

6. Marbella: Beach lovers who want to be seen and see around choose this little resort town for their honeymoon. Situated on the southern coast of Spain, it has miles and miles of sandy, sunny beaches, casinos and the glamorous cosmopolitan crowd. Enjoy sunbathing with your partner or indulge in various other sporting activities by the sea as long as you wish.

Lagos Beach7. Lagos: If you are really enthusiastic about beaches for your honeymoon, the best beach destination is Lagos, Portugal. There are more than half a dozen beaches in the Algarve region. The sandy coves are sandwiched among the cliffs. The calm and clear waters of the beach have a special natural appeal and a lot of water sports to indulge in with your partner.

8. Nice: Nice is a luxurious coastal city of France. The beaches are the best locations where the tired couples can unwind. The place also has a lot of boutiques, winding streets, panoramic views and various other interesting locations. The evenings are fully colorful because the inhabitants like to party during the evenings.

9. British Virgin Islands: Couples who are looking for a romantic destination after the wedding choose these islands. They are luxurious and offer excellent accommodation facilities too. Seclusion and relaxation are also other offerings to the couples. Most of the beaches are known for the crystal clear water and white sands.

Tenerife Beach10. Tenerife: As a part of the Canary Islands, Spain, Tenerife is considered to be a resort island with many manmade beaches laden with fine golden or black shingle sand. Honeymooners who are looking for a serene and calm location with a beachy atmosphere can choose to come and enjoy this location. It is also a special location for windsurfers. Apart from that, you can enjoy some sunbath, snorkel, scuba dive and swimming in the clear water.



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