Mushroom Martini
15 Jun

Mushroom Martini – A Key West Kick

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Mushroom MartiniSome of the greatest fun in dining while traveling is trying things with unlikely sounding names.

Case in point is a Mushroom Martini at the delightful Mangoes on a prominent corner of the main drag, Duval Street in  Key West FL.   This welcoming patio where outdoor dining is the specialty, begs you to come in from the heat and order a refreshing drink and a snack. That is where the Mushroom Martini comes in.

No, this isn’t some juniper-infused fungus becoming over-familiar with an olive in a puddle of gin, here in the shadow of Hemingway and Buffett.  This is luxurious appetizer served slightly warm in a martini glass that will make you swoon at the flavors and beg for the recipe. Well, beg no more… one of the chefs was kind enough to give me this riff on it.

Mushroom Martini Recipe

o   2 shallots, minced

o   1 garlic clove, minced

o    2 tablespoons olive oil

o    10 ounces assorted mushrooms, thinly sliced

o    1/4 cup soy sauce

o    1/4 cup Rainwater Madeira

o    2 tablespoons white truffle oil

o    small rosemary sprigs for garnish

o    8 ounces soft chevre cheese



1. Heat olive oil and saute shallots and garlic until soft.

2. Add mushrooms and cook quickly over fairly high heat. Add soy. Toss and simmer a minute. Add wine and cook another minute. Dizzle with white truffle oil, using restraint.

3. Divide among four martini glasses.

4. Top with chevre, then garnish with rosemary. Serve warm with toast points or baguettes.

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    Such an awesome dish!

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