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18 Jun

Google Wants To Be Your Favorite Flight Search Engine

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USA flight mapThe travel industry has been waiting nervously for Google’s next move since they purchased travel industry giant ITA Software last year.  ITA software powers most popular flight search sites on the web such as Expedia and Kayak.  At the beginning of June, Google announced the availability of flight search right in the search bar.  Here’s how it works:

Enter “flights from Bos to Den” (or Boston to Denver) for instance in the Google search box.  Right below the paid ads, you’ll find Google’s flight response that includes

  • # of nonstop flights between the two cities
  • Length of flying time
  • Name of airlines that fly the route nonstop with link to their website
  • Time schedule of nonstop flights
  • Link for reverse schedule display
  • Link to show ALL fights from an individual city

It seems likely that the Google search window will become your fastest flight search option, especially when you’re looking for flights from your mobile device.  You will no longer have to visit a travel website to get fast flight into.  Yes my friends we are seeing (yet again) a game changer from Google.  It will be very interesting to see what expanded travel options come next from the programmers at Google.  No one is watching more closely than Expedia and Kayak!

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