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19 Apr

Wheelchair Accessible Hot Air Ballooning In Sonoma California

https://www.bestweddingveil.comMobility is no longer a barrier to experiencing the romance of soaring above the picturesque valleys and vineyards of Sonoma County California on a majestic hot air balloon ride.  Up & Away Ballooning has recently acquired a state-of-the-art balloon basket that was custom crafted in England, and accommodates one passenger in a wheelchair and up to 3 additional adventurers.  The specially designed drop railing with glass panels allows seated passengers to enjoy more than 180-degrees of unobstructed visibility.

Up & Away Ballooning, who has been thrilling travelers with soaring balloon ascents for over 17 years, will donate a portion of every accessible balloon flight to the International Wheelchair Foundation.  The new equipment as well as all of their pilots are fully F.A.A. certified.   The folks at Up & Away Ballooning pride themselves in offering an experience that is longer and more scenic than other balloon operators in the region and limited to their tours to fewer passengers per flight.  They have a number of hot air balloons in use and can accommodate groups of varying sizes.   Give them a call at 800-711-2998 or visit them online ( with all your questions.

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