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31 Jan

I Love This New Travel Accessory!

Meet the SPI Belt, an ingenious invention that combines the best attributes of a money belt, travel wallet, and fanny pack.  The name stands for small personal item belt.

SPI Belt

SPI Belt - Empty

This lightweight, flexible little belt is comfy to wear (inside or outside of clothing) and expands to hold an astonishing amount of important personal items.  Wear it to carry essential items while  running, walking or traveling.  Here’s my Caribbean edition… I bought Clint one in solid black.

SPI Belt - Filled

SPI Belt - Filled

This is what the belt looks like when filled with my writer’s notebook, pen, credit cards, money, lipstick, comb, cell phone and business cards – amazing! 

The belt is made of elastic stretch belting with an expandable pocket of silky stretchable spandex.  I usually wear it instead of a belt with the pouch centered in the small of my back.  I can completely forget I’m wearing it, have no unsightly bulges around my waist, ditch my purse, and keep my valuables out of sight under my shirt.

This handy carry pouch  completely blows away the ugly under-clothes security pouches we’ve had to wear for years.  Just snap this little gem around your waist, cover with your shirt, and pickpockets will have to look elsewhere for a target – you’re valuables are safe.

I’ll never go traveling without a SPI Belt again!

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