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12 Jan

New Share-A-Cab App Lets You Cut Your Next Taxi Fare In Half

taxi cabsHow many times have you stood in the taxi line at the airport and suspected that several other people were heading to the same inner city location that you were?  If you could only find them and share a cab, everyone would save a bundle.  Well now it’s possible to find other travelers heading to the same destination and share a taxi thanks to a new web service,

It’s a simple process to locate fellow travelers at airports worldwide and share a taxi thanks to the iPhone, Android and computer friendly app.  Return trips from city centers back to the airport are just as easy as well.  Simply register on the site and then enter your journey request with the date and time needed.  (Most folks fill out the request form as soon as their plane lands).  Travelers with matching requests are introduced by text message and they can decide if they want to share a ride.  Take a look at the YouTube Video by to understand the whole process.  We think it’s ingenious!

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