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Where to Experience Aboriginal Life In Australia

Where to Experience Aboriginal Life In Australia

One Of The Top Activities When Visiting Australia is to Experience Aboriginal Life

When a guy from Perth decides to go on a vacation, I think the natural thing to do is look for something completely different to experience. My friend and I decided that Australia’s North Queensland or more specifically Cairns, would be the right place to look for that welcomed change of scenery. My friend suggested that Cairns has a “blend of modern and ancient with nice beaches, hospitable sea and lots of Sun”. It was fantastic.

Of course, considering how long it had been since I had taken a proper vacation, I was bound to be thrilled unless I got shot, stabbed or bitten by one of the poisonous Aussie animals, of which there are plenty. Never the less, I believe Northern Queensland would be equally enjoyable even if I went there every year.

January 3, 2014 | By More