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Susan Kohlback

You will often find me nose deep in one travel publication or another. A passion for travel has punctuated my life for many years. In fact the family joke has always been, “Should we buy a new car, or go on a trip?” Vacations always won the day, and we went traveling the world while those around us had to have the newest trendy items.

I was fortunate enough to make a living in the travel world, from Student Tours to Aussie Specialist to World Travel Experts, and finally to the quirky world of managing frequent flier award programs for corporations. Now that Clint and I are practicing at being retired, I’ve moved out of the arena of booking travel, but can’t resist the magic of spending my days sharing knowledge of the world.

Recently when gathering with some friends to help one of us plan a first trip to Paris, it occurred to me that there should be a forum for all these trusted voices to share their best travel advice. SO HERE WE GO. Please join in and share your sage words of wisdom, humor, or post a travel query of your own. With any luck our daydreams will be filled with visions of wonderful future trips.

Linda Rappaport

After heading a prominent advertising agency for many years, I’ve earned my wings by jumping meeting to meeting around the world. I have dined in the finest restaurants and uncovered wonderful tucked away places frequented only by the locals. Did you know the best popcorn is at Chicago’s O’Hara Airport or that the best oatmeal is at the Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. And when it comes to spas may I say, I’ve been pampered by the best. Thanks to having an office in Hawaii for 10+ years, the secrets of the islands are no longer safe with me!

Now that I am safely grounded, pleasure travel is on my mind. My husband Stewart and I have visited some of the most amazing places, whether golfing in Ireland, or enjoying the ultimate beach indulgence at Sandy Lane in Barbados. Between Susan and I, the travel tips are abundant.

We’ve realized everyone is looking for a trusted voice to help them sort through their travel choices, so here we will share everyone’s best travel advice. We’re creating an online community of enthusiastic travelers, and we need your help to make it successful. Please share tales of your wonderful trips and we will help you navigate through the sticky choices for your next adventure.

So, jump right in and join us in sharing the best travel tips on the web.