Heavy Metal Rocks On a Tank Driving Experience in the UK

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Top Tank Driving Experiences in the United Kingdom

Tank Driving Experience

If you thought that the only way you could ever drive a tank was by joining the armed forces, then you were wrong. Not only can members of the public drive a tank, but there are numerous tank-related activities available for those who want to show everyone who’s boss!

It really is a thrilling experience to drive with the power and weight that a tank provides; a feeling of being unstoppable that is unrivaled by any other vehicle! These tank-related activities are usually offered by organizations that promote regular driving experience days as one of the most extreme driving experiences, designed specifically for the tough guys and tank girls who think they can cope on a battlefield.

The Obstacle Course
One of the most basic tank packages (as if driving a tank is ever basic!) will have you driving a metal beast around an obstacle course, crushing the occasional car, and traversing some difficult terrain. You can usually upgrade this kind of package so that you are allowed to be accompanied by passengers, as well as experienced soldiers who will be tutoring you in the control of the tank. Various packages are on offer ranging from an hour to a full day, with many different varieties of tank available, from the Chieftain 700hp to the FV432 tank. The main challenge if you overcome the obstacle course with the hatch open, is to try it with the hatch closed. Can you do the same again with only the periscope to guide you?

Take your newly acquired skills onto the paintball field, where you and your tank will engage in a vicious paintball battle, where you will have to work in league with your teammates, controlling the tank flawlessly in order to win the game. This is probably the closest any member of the public can get to a real life battle situation without enlisting, so it is pretty macho! Oh, and the tank’s use has been specifically modified in order to fire, so will take an active part in the paintballing! It certainly makes you feel more powerful to go into battle in one of these heavy machines, compared to the usual jumpsuit and goggles.

Combine Tanks with SAS training
For those who think that tank-driving is little too amateur, there is also an opportunity to pick up some SAS training, in addition to learning how to drive a tank. This SAS experience will be the ultimate masculine experience, involving the driving of four military grade vehicles (that includes a heavy tank, as well as an amphibious tank), the firing of many different types of weapons from muskets to mortars, before facing off against your comrades in the woods. And what does the winner get? Well, they get to roll a tank over a car, of course!

If you’ve been through all of the various driving experience days, then tank driving may be just the kind of thrill you are lacking. While supercars are all well and good for speed, there is nothing that even comes close to the raw power of a tank!

About The Author:  Sarah Coppola is a tank driving enthusiast. She enjoys sharing her stories and insights on various driving and adventure blogs. Visit Wish.co.uk to learn more about tank driving.
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