Guide to Useful Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation

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Are you putting together plans for your next vacation? Wondering how you can make the process smoother? Like a lot of other things in life, the answer to this seems to be in apps.

Mobile AppsJust as there are apps that can help you cook or learn trivia, there are a lot of apps that can be useful for traveling. If you’re putting together a vacation, there are different apps that can save you time and money on everything from the planning stages to actually being on vacation. Apps let you be a lot more productive by utilizing your phone’s broadband internet connection to keep you from wasting time.

From the very start of your vacation, apps can be used to help you plan your traveling. Websites that aggregate deals from hotels and airlines, such as Travelocity, have free  apps available on both iOS and Android. With these apps, you get a clean interface that is often times even quicker and more responsive than the desktop website. If you have a service such as PayPal or a credit card handy, you can use an app to quickly find and pay for the best deals on airfare and lodging. Not only do apps like these save you time, but they’ll also save you a good deal of money since they enable you to comparison shop.

Instead of having to awkwardly store and keep track of large maps, several applications exist to take the place of your map. Google Maps is the most prevalent example. The app is available on both iOS and Android. Using your smartphone’s GPS, Google Maps can tell you exactly where you are and get you oriented. Not only that, but the app can also give you directions and get you where you’re going whether it be by car or on foot. The iPhone edition of Google Maps features full directions along with an estimated trip time. The Android version is even better, letting you turn your smartphone into a full-featured and free GPS.

Along the same line of finding where you’re at and planning trips, Places is another great app for traveling. You can quickly search the nearby area for establishments such as bars, restaurants and points of interest. While using the app, you can read reviews of the places you’re walking by. For more in-depth reviews, there are other apps such as Yelp that focus on user-submitted content reviewing places. This lets you get the most value out of your time spent traveling, since you won’t have to worry about eating out at a bad restaurant or visiting a bad tourist destiantion.

Sharing photos is also a big part of vacationing. And, as you can imagine, there are many apps designed to help with that. Once you’ve taken pictures, they can be shared quickly with your friends using apps like Flickr or Facebook. Even if you’re not looking to share pictures right away, there are apps to help you save more photos. Dropbox, for instance, allows you to take photos and automatically have them upload over a broadband internet connection to cloud storage.

Other aspects of your vacation experience can be enhanced by using apps. The idea is to look at the things you’ll be doing on vacation, and think about what will slow you down during it. Chances are, someone else has had the same problem and built an app to speed up the process. Apps let you spend less time taking care of the mundane aspects of vacationing, and more time enjoying your vacation.

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