New Fall Foliage App For Leaf Peeping In New England

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Fall Foliage RoadIt’s nearly prime-time for fall foliage leaf peeping in New England, and this year’s display promises to be a stunner.  All the rainy days we’ve had to end the summer season will pay-off with brighter than usual leaf colors in October.  And if you are a New Englander, you know that there is no more reliable source for the best fall foliage advice than at Yankee Magazine.  They even have an entire website dedicated to the season –  Just in time for this year’s season Yankee has introduced a FREE Leaf Peepr app for iPhones and Droids that can be downloaded free of charge from their website.

The Leaf Peepr app features up-to-the-minute color status checks by region or zip code so you always know where fall colors are the brightest.  The app is color coded to let you know when leaves areat  turning, moderate, peak and fading stages.  Then once you know where the leaves at their peak, the app offers over 30 scenic driving routes to get you out on the roads with the best views.  Maps have suggested routes in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.  The app also encourages you to share photos of the most dramatic foliage displays, add your comments and “Peep It”.  Sounds like a winner to me!

Then once you’ve determined your perfect foliage viewing route, you might want to estimate the cost of gas by reading our Gas Calculator article.   Enjoy the season!

Photo – Flickr: Alaskan Dude

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