Should You Dress Your Family in Body Part Concealing Shirts for Airport Screening?

January 31, 2011 | By | Reply More
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More and more travelers are becoming wary of the new TSA X-Ray screening machines that are being proliferated throughout our airports.  To help travelers maintain some semblance of privacy, several companies have begun producing underwear with strategically positioned patches that block x-rays and prevents the traveler’s ‘privates’ from being revealed to airport screeners.

BUT beware, sometimes what seems like a great idea doesn’t pan out that way, and this is one prime example!  The TSA has issued a statement that cautions travelers to avoid clothing that conceals body parts.  Wearing such clothing will almost guarantee that you will be required to undergo a personal pat down.  In short… if the screening agent can’t see past a patch to see what’s underneath, they must call for a secondary screening.

So, if you want to move smoothly through airport screening, dress in items that contain no metal and DO NOT purchase private part concealment clothing.

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