I'm Hiding From Winter In The Dominican Republic!

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Bavaro BeachAnd you know what…. it’s better than we imagined!  As the cold winds of winter blew in, I knew we had to get out of Boston and spend January in a warm place.  So we took a big gamble and rented a condo in Punta Cana (never been here before) and left home hoping for the best.  We’re having a great time for very little money, so this place is a clear winner for all you snowbirds.

Here’s what we love already!

  • EVERY day has been sunny and in the mid 80’s.  Sometimes a shower blows through for 15 minutes and then passes on by.
  • We rented a 2bdrom apt at Karibo Punta Cana for $1,750 per month.  It’s brand new, located across from a golf course, shuttle to the beach, walk to town, lobby bar and restaurant (in case I don’t feel like cooking),  2 balconies so one is always in sun/shade, nice friendly people – a lot to like!
  • We feel perfectly safe.  The complex and virtually everywhere we roam has guards on duty.  I’m not quite sure what they’re guarding against, as we’ve seen no evidence of actual crime in the area.
  • Shopping is a challenge but manageable.  To reach the grocery store we have to stroll past the vendor shops in the town where ‘greeters’ jump out to invite you in to browse – like running a gauntlet.  They are polite and back off as soon as you say no thank you.  Every shop seems to be offering the exact same goods!  Little town is scruffy but safe.  We only venture there in the daytime.
  • The grocery store carries limited supplies, but as long as you can make do with frozen chicken and frozen shrimp, you’ll get by.  I kind of feel like that FoodNetwork show where you get a basket of unrelated goods and need to make a meal out of them!  Prices are more expensive than at home, but not too bad.  Restaurant prices are excellent.
  • Beach is gorgeous.
  • No mention or worries about the cholera in Haiti – which is a LONG way away.  We use ONLY bottled water.
  • Clint has been playing golf several days a week (as a local resident) for $25 per round at a top hotel course – complete with golf cart, 2 beers, 2 sodas & 2 waters. – WOW

Hasta luego mis amigos – English is widely spoken and we’re using a lot of sign language!!!  The bartender teaches us one phrase in Spanish a day and we teach him one in English.

If you have any questions about renting in the DR, shoot them my way and I’ll tell you more about our experience.  I’m also touring lots of the all-inclusive resorts, so stay tuned for a comparison report.


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