At Last, A Chip & Pin Card for America!

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FiTravelex Passort Cash Cardnally! – there’s a chip & pin card solution available for American travelers to Europe.  For years travelers from the United States have been stymied by our ‘swipe and sign’ credit cards while traveling in Europe where ‘chip & pin’ style cards are the standard. US travelers have been unable to make purchases at train station ticket kiosks, unmanned petrol pumps, bike sharing stations, and local merchants throughout Europe.  Soon even Canada will be on the chip & pin system, isolating the US style card users even further. 

We are ecstatic to hear that Travelex (currency exchange retailer) has introduced a new prepaid smart card that utilizes the microchip and pin technology that is the standard in Europe. The Travelex Cash Passport Card can be loaded with euros or British pounds in any amount you choose with an exchange fee from 3.75 to 11.5%.  The exchange rate decreases according to the amount of money loaded on the card.  The more money you put on the card, the lower the exchange fee.

You can purchase the new Cash Passport Card at Travelex stores in the US, and soon online at  You can find Travelex outlets in many airports and malls across American – visit the website to find the nearest outlet near you.

Now the most important question… should you put all your travel money on the Cash Passport Card? – Probably not, because of the added exchange fees.  I’d still use my Capital One card (no foreign exchange fees) whenever possible.  But, for instances when a chip and pin card is required it will be a lifesaver to have the Cash Passport Card in your wallet!

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