Happily Haunted Inns – America’s Most Haunted Bed and Breakfasts

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As October breezes turn cool and orange hues paint the landscape our thoughts turn to weekend escapes at cozy country inns and inviting bed and breakfasts.  Early morning mist raising off frosted fields tickle our imaginations and remind us of bygone spirits who have inhabited these lands.  As Halloween approaches, why not embrace the spirit world and get comfy in one of America’s happily haunted Bed and Breakfast Inns.

In the West:
Strawberry Creek InnStrawberry Creek Inn B&B, Idyllwild, CA
Is a high spirited Inn with a reported six ghostly specters roaming about.  It’s reported that pockets of cold announce a ghostly presents and pictures in the cottage have been known to fly off the wall.

Thronewood Castle InnThornewood Castle, Lakewood, WA
This Inn has such a storied haunted reputation that it was selected by Stephen King for the setting of his mini-series Rose Red.  The spirit of Chester Thorne is believed to be in residence, and his daughter Anna is often seen sitting by her bedroom window.  And the knoll that the house sits on is said to be a fairy mound with fairies and orbs appearing in the gardens.

In the South:
Magnolia Mansion, New Orleans, LA
Magnolia MansionEven the name of this inn promises a grand southern experience, and as you might suspect, the ghostly spirits are known to be polite and congenial.  Guests report that a spirit paces the hall until you cover your bear feet, and has been known to pull the covers up for sleeping guests.  Tinkling music can sometimes be heard and orbs have appeared in garden photographs.  If you’d like to encounter their resident ghosts, just announce that fact when your enter the inn for your stay.

Casablanca InnCasablanca Inn, St. Augustine, FL
This waterfront inn began it’s life as a boarding house in the 1930’s, when the widow who ran the house kept vigil on the balcony signaling offshore rum runners with her lantern.  Boaters, shrimpers and anglers say that they still see the swinging lantern from the balcony of the Casablanca Inn on many evenings.

In the East:
Green Mountain InnGreen Mountain Inn, Stowe, VT
Will you be one of the guests to meet Boots the long time tap dancing ghost at the inn?  Boots was born at the inn and grew up there.  He was tragically killed during a fierce winter storm when he slipped on the icy roof after rescuing a girl from the upper stories of the inn.  It’s said you can still hear Boots tap dancing on winter nights.

Captain Lindsey House, Rockland, ME
Captain Lindsey HouseIt’s rumored that the good Captain Lindsey has never moved out of his fine home in the center of this picturesque harbor town.  Apparently his home has welcomed many friends who choose to remain.   A “spiritologicst” reported up to 35 other spirits who frequent the inn.  Most prefer to gather in the parlor where they toy with the glasses and slam doors.

In the Midwest:
Thayer InnThayer’s Historic Bed & Breakfast, Annandale, MN
This is considered by many to be the most haunted Bed and Breakfast in America. The property is owned by a well known psychic who offers ghost hunting events, psychic readings and murder mystery weekends.

Beyer Haus Bed and BreakfastBeyer Haus, New Ulm, MN
This former funeral parlor turned Bed and Breakfast is said to host a variety of friendly ghosts including the active spirits of two small boys, one of whom likes to hold hands with guests.  A psychic has identified 6 spirits in residence.

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