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As the European summer draws to a close, the tourist hordes head home. Berlin is the ultimate autumn destination with the city’s events calendar in full flow and a multitude of stylish new Berlin hotels and international restaurants dotted all over. The savvy traveler will wrap up cozily and stroll the leafy streets by day and indulge their senses at night. Here are some insiders’ tips for unique activities in Berlin:

Dine in (post-modern) style
Berlin CocktailThe pick of unusual evenings for enthusiasts of food and art, the Zagreus Projekt is a restaurant-cum-gallery in the basement of a nineteenth century town-house. Ulrich Krauss, the owner (and head chef/gallery curator) creates regular exhibitions by local artists, and designs a new menu inspired by the artist’s style.

Dine in total darkness
There is more than one restaurant in the city that serves food in a completely pitch-black dining room (Nocti Vagus is the oldest). Waiters are blind and the dining experience lasts around two hours. While it sounds strange, it is an interesting ‘look’ into life without sight, and all meals are prepared in a way that makes them easy to eat. 

BASE Jumping in Berlin central
Park Inn BerlinThe basic idea of BASE jumping is to leap from a very high structure like a cliff or a bridge with a few cleverly positioned ropes (or a parachute) while avoiding death. If you have booked a room in the Park Inn Hotel in Berlin, and you happen to be an adrenaline junkie, you can try your hand at BASE jumping from the top of the 125 metre-tall hotel. This is just about enough height for a jumper to reach the speed of true free-fall before the special harness halts the plunge. The construction that holds the ropes is also the fastest abseiling winch in Europe, which means that a slower descent (for abseiling purists) is also on the menu.

Stasi Exhibition
Once home to the formidable secret police of the former East Germany, the Stasi is now a museum detailing the often horrifying (and occasionally funny) history of the iron-fisted control the Stasi had over  divided Berlin. One of the more creepy exhibits detail the collection of personal scents from ‘citizens of interest’ to the Stasi, just in case they were ever needed to be tracked down by sniffer dogs.

Berlin Festival of LightFall Festival of Lights
Mid-October each year sees Berlin illuminated in the Festival of Lights. A welcome way to celebrate the arrival of autumn, this ingenious example of light-art uses famous landmarks as ‘canvas’ and backdrops for fireworks displays. This year marks the sixth Festival of Lights and will incorporate almost sixty fireworks displays and lighting installations to the famous Alexanderplatz TV Tower, the Brandenburg Gate and the Boulevard Unter den Linden.

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