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Welcome To Las VegasJust because Vegas is renowned for attracting high rollers, that doesn’t mean you have to spend big to have a good time in Sin City. Unless you have pockets full of bills to spread around, it pays to do some advance research and take advantage of tips to help you stretch your dollars and avoid running out of money early and going home disappointed.  Here are our top tips for saving a bundle on your next Vegas vacation.

Booking Your Travel – The first things to look out for when booking your Las Vegas holidays are of course the flights and hotels.  Here are some recommendations for finding the best deals.

  • Be sure to check room prices directly through the hotels to get the best deals
  • Try to stay mid-week as prices are far lower than on weekends
  • Check ‘resort fees’ before you book as this can be a surprise when you come to check out otherwise.  Consider taking advantage of the Harrah’s properties with their new policy of no resort fees
  • Use a price comparison site such as to find the best deals on flights
  • Register for airfare alerts on flight comparison sites.  When the price of a ticket to Vegas drops, you’ll get an email alert.Remember: you are not going to Vegas to stay in your hotel room, so don’t spend half your budget on your accommodation!  

The $20 trick – The $20 trick has emerged recently as a way of getting upgrades to rooms or tickets to shows upon check in. When the check in clerk asks for the credit/debit card you used to book the room and your passport, try slipping $20 in between them and ask if there are any upgrades available. This means an outlay of $20 but can result in a better room, bottles of champagne or tickets to shows provided, so you could end up better off for paying it. Please be aware that this does not always work, you may end up just tipping the check in staff $20 for doing their job, but many travelers have reported pleasant results.  Some hotels have gotten wind of this and have asked their staff to refuse any tips, so if the member of staff hands you your money back, do not offer it again.

Las Vegas BuffetDining & Entertainment – Eating out in Las Vegas doesn’t have to be expensive; there are ways you can cut your dining costs down:

  • Ask at your hotel for any coupons/discount booklets – many of the local restaurants now provide discounts to hotels they have partnerships with
  • Visit restaurants and buffets at lunch time, often they are much cheaper than in the evening and serve the same type of food.  Consider eating your largest meal of the day at lunchtime.
  • Ask the hotel reception to see if they can offer discounts in restaurants at their ‘sister’ hotels/casinos, many of the resorts are now part of the same groups.
  • Consider taking advantage of Harrah’s Buffet of Buffets Dining Pass which is good at 7 properties owned by Harrahs (Paris, Planet Hollywood, Flamingo, Harrahs, Caesars, Imperial and Rio).  For as little as $34.99 you can eat all you want for 24 hours at any of their properties.

Tickets for shows can be picked up for a lot less than the normal price, try any of the following:

  • Book online before you head out to Vegas – just do a search for “discounted Las Vegas show tickets”
  • Ask if there’s any complimentary tickets available upon check in (with the $20 trick)
  • Ask if the hotel can offer discounts on any shows
  • Try ticket booths on the street such as “Tix4tonight” who offer tickets for the shows at up to half price
  • Stick to the free shows – each casino offers free entertainment throughout the day
  • Check with to see what’s happening when you’re there

Transport – When you arrive at McCarren airport, the easiest way to get to the strip is by taxi. There are signs posted from the arrivals lounge, however it may be costly depending if your driver tries to go on a longer route to increase your fare. To reduce your transport costs whilst in Vegas, take a look at these tips:

  • Ask your drive to take the shortest route.  Tell your taxi driver not to take the L-215 airport tunnel – this will add time & money onto your journey.
  • If there is a group of you on your trip, it may be cheaper to hire a limo from the airport – they cost around $50 for the hour so if there’s 6 of you it could work out at around $8/9.
  • If you are planning on doing a lot of travelling, consider hiring a car from one of the many Las Vegas car hire firms – often this can be a lot cheaper than taking taxis everywhere; especially if you are planning on heading away from the main strip regularly. Hiring a car gives you the freedom to explore many of the great places around Vegas, or you can visit different places on the strip conveniently and in relative comfort, and parking at the hotels/casinos is normally free.
  • If you do rent a car, don’t fill your fuel at the stations on the main strip – prices are higher due to their location and convenience.
  • Use the hotel monorails/shuttle buses when travelling between casinos.
  • Consider a ‘Deuce’ 24 hour bus pass – the buses go up and down the strip all the time, but can be overcrowded and you may struggle to even get on during peak times.

Gambling – You can’t go to Las Vegas and not play the tables or slots – just don’t go overboard! There are a few ways in which you can enjoy the games and not end up losing all your money:

  • Attend the free gaming tutorials offer by casinos to learn how to play – many of the casinos now offer free lessons to beginners.
  • Create a daily budget BEFORE you go and stick to it – if you lose your daily allowance, don’t chase your losses as you could end up losing all your spending money in one day.
  • Sign up for a player’s card at each casino you visit – these earn ‘comp points’ and you may be entitled to something when you leave depending on how much you spend at the tables/slots. Sometimes this can be a room upgrade, a bottle of champagne or tickets to a show.
  • Remember – drinks are free whilst you are playing, just remember to tip the waiter/waitress.

Final tips

  • Don’t use the cash machines in the casinos – they charge up to $5 per transaction
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help/directions from casino staff – they are there to help
  • Keep all your personal belongings/expensive items hidden away in busy areas – pickpockets operate in groups and target tourists
  • Vegas has a desert climate – remember to drink plenty of water and to take your sun cream!
  • Enjoy yourself!

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