A Great Father's Day Gift – BBQ Kings Of The South Tell Their Secrets!

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Big BBQ BookJust in time for  Father’s Day we’ve found the perfect gift! Does the backyard Grill Master at your house challenge all within hearing to a “throw down” like Bobby Flay?  Does he mix rubs like a chemist and consider the recipe more precious than Colonel Sanders’?   Is his grill almost as precious to him as his car?  Does he consider tailgating a sport in and of itself?  If so…. you’ve got to get him the Big Book of BBQit will become his grillin’ bible!

I don’t know how they did it, but the editors of Southern Living got the Kings of the BBQ joints all across the South to disclose their top secret recipes and techniquesWe’re talking major Pit Masters braggin’ about how they do it best – from brais’n, to marinades, to rubs and jerks, to smok’n low and slow, and all the yummy fixin’s!  I think you could party for two years and not try all the recipes in this collection!  When the editors sent us a book to review I settled down on the couch to breeze through it, and was soon shouting out, “hey look at this, wow did you know that, yum-mm we’ll have to try this, oh man look at that”!  Boy will I have fresh recipes for THIS 4th of July!

Now for the part that really won my heart….  This cookbook is also a travel guide to the South with lists of all the BBQ dens worth visiting, complete with addresses, phone numbers and websites.  You’ll also find listings of the biggest BBQ festivals and cook offs! Ha, Food Channel – you aren’t the only one who can find the tastiest food on the road!!!

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