Rub Noses Like An Eskimo In An Igloo Hotel!

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Igloo Hotel 2Toss me the bear skin and pass the fondue!  It’s almost time to pull on your Uggs and blast out into the snow for some winter fun.  You’ve heard about ice hotels – well now get ready to cozy up in an igloo!  The Krvavec ski resort in the mountains of Slovenia (one of the least expensive places to ski in Europe) has created an Igloo Village

Slovenia MountainsI know, I know… you’re racking your brain trying to figure out where Slovenia is.  Well let me say it has very desirable neighbors – Italy to the West, and Austria to the North – it is the former Yugoslavia.

Igloo Hotel 4The hotel’s snow chambers are built to blend into the snow covered mountainside.  Once the snow starts falling, it’s compacted and piled onto the top of giant inflatable balloons to form the sleeping chambers.  Tunnels are dug to connect all the chambered rooms and candle light adds a shimmering glow to the interior.

igloo hotel 5

Guests are welcomed into a congenial central chamber bar room where warming spirits enliven the conversation and hot fondue makes everyone friends.  After an evening frolicking in the snow, or taking a sauna, it’s time to scoot into ultra-thermal sleeping bags and toss on a fur blanket or two.  After a cozy night snuggled in your private snow chamber, you’re sure to be the first in line when the lifts open in the morning!

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