Don't Book A Resort Hotel Without Checking First!

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest the world of  websites that provide hotel information and customer reviews, stands out like a gleaming gem! If you haven’t found yet…. you’re going to love it. provides what sites like Trip Advisor have been missing – a consistent, trusted and candid voice.  When you read an Oyster review, you know it hasn’t been written by the property’s PR firm, someone who rarely travels, or a cranky and unrealistic traveler.  All of Oyster’s in-depth reviews are written by trained journalists who take hundreds of photos during their stay.  Hotels cannot pay to be reviewed, offer compensation to the journalist, or influence the review in any way. has a team of experienced travelers who stay at hotel properties (unannounced and anonymous), to bring you an unbiased assessment of the resort.  I love their feature, Fakeouts Revealed!  In Fakeouts, you’ll see the fancy brochure or website photo, accompanied by an undoctored photo of the REAL property.  Take a look at this Jamaica resort gym.  Instead of being oceanside, it looks like you’ll be pumping iron in the windowless basement!  If you want to know if that resort pool is really glamorous, or just a cement plunge pool, be sure to visit before booking your reservation. 

You’ll also like the destination categories they’ve pulled together – Best Pools, Best Beaches, Party Pools, Best Bars, Most Romantic, Kid Friendly, Best Values, Pet Friendly and more.  When you pull up a property review, you’ll see a full list of hotel pros and cons – so you can decide which elements are most important to your stay.  You’ll also see an exhaustive resort overview, loads of pictures, maps, pricing, and every element you will need to make an informed buying decision.  Currently Oyster reviews properties in New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Maimi, Hawaii, Jamaica, Aruba, Bahamas, BVI, and the Dominican Republic, with more destination reviews on the horizon.

I have just bookmarked and will consider it my go-to information site before making any resort reservation in the future – I’m now a raving fan of this site!!!

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