New Airline Just For Pets – They May Have A Better Flight Than you!

July 15, 2009 | By | 1 Reply More
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Pet Airways a new airline dedicated to flying ‘your best friend’ across the country in style has just launched.  With prices starting at $149 each way, I’m thinking that flying your beloved pet on a private aircraft may cost no more than paying the outrageous extra fees charged by major airlines.  American Airlines for example charges a $150 fee each way for a pet housed in the baggage compartment and $100 each way for a pet flying in the cabin – and you have to supply the pet carrier .  With Pet Airways your pet will fly in temperature controlled comfort, in a pet carrier supplied by Pet Airways, and with a trained animal attendant monitoring their welfare throughout the flight.

Currently Pet Airways flies routes between New York, Washington DC/Baltimore, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.  They are equipped to transport dogs and cats, and in the future will be accepting birds, reptiles and other pets.  Pets are dropped off and picked up at ‘paws lounges’ 2 hours prior to flight time and attendants make sure all your pet’s needs are taken care of prior to the flight.  Likewise, your pet will be given a potty break as soon as the flight lands, and you will be able to track their whereabouts throughout their journey.  I’m beginning to think this airline cares more about their passengers’ well being than the airlines that fly us!!!  Visit to read about all their services, (pet care product discounts), and flight schedules.  It’s nice to see an airline who is dedicated to the care and comfort of their passengers – even if they do have four legs.


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