STOP with the fees already – It's A Study in Absurdity!

June 23, 2009 | By | Reply More
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Sorry, I need to vent – Two events have me shaking my head this morning.
#1) an appearance of Sir Richard Branson on Fox News to celebrate Virgin Atlantic’s 25 years of flying – AND, (are you paying attention US airlines?), 25 years of PROFITABILITY!
#2) the news that United Airlines and US Airways will now charge passengers an extra $5 fee if they do not pay their $15 baggage fee in advance online.  In other words, if you show up at the airport with a piece of luggage and actually expect to check both your body and your bag in….. it’s going to cost you more.  Who dreams this stuff up???  And by the way Delta will be charging travelers to Europe $50 for that second bag!

Back to Sir Richard – when asked if he could explain how Virgin Atlantic (Virgin Blue & Virgin America) manage to be continually successful in a era when most other airlines (US airlines in particular) are running huge losses, he smiled and said, ‘if you treat people right, give them a good flying experience and do all the small things very well – you will have loyal customers and a successful company’.  (paraphrased)

Brilliant!  Meanwhile our airlines beat us over the head with ridiculous fees, grumpy staff, and policies that simply fly in the face of common sense.  I’m sorry to say, they remind me of our legislators!!!

By the way – there are way too many airline fees for anyone to keep track of.  Here’s a wonderful chart by USA Today that spells out all the absurdity.

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