Engo – A New Best Friend For Your Summer Feet

June 17, 2009 | By | Reply More
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When the weather turns warm we all love to peal away our frumpy socks and slip our bare toes into shoes and sandals.  This of course leads predictably to a few irritating blisters as our feet toughen up for the season.  I’ve just been testing a new ‘blister prevention patch’ sent to me by Engo, and I have to say they are terrific – a new must have item for your Rx kit.

The patches are made of a super thin (slippery) material with an extra strong adhesive backing.  Unlike bandaids, these patches stay where you put them and don’t rub off.  Just peal away the protective cover and stick the patch right to your shoe, sandal, sneaker, or whatever’s rubbing you the wrong way.  The slick patch eliminates friction and the danger of a blister is gone!  Here’s a link to find Engo patches near you (Eastern Mountain Sports for one), or visit their website GoEngo.com where shipping is free.


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