American Airline's Great New Frequent Flyer Policy

May 12, 2009 | By | Reply More
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Hurray – finally an improvement to a frequent flyer program! These days it’s usually bad news in the mileage arena, but American Airlines is our Frequent Flyer Hero for introducing One-Way Flex Awards. Simply put, American Airlines now allows you to book a one-way ticket using Aadvantage frequent flyer miles (at half the number of miles as a roundtrip award). So how will this help you out, you ask?  Here are a few examples of how you could use this award to your advantage.

#1 – Previously if the lowest level award was available on one flight (of a roundtrip), but only a higher award was available for the other flight, you would have to redeem an award at the higher level.  Now you can combine Saver Awards with Anytime Awards.  So you could potentially put together a flight for 12,500 Saver miles with 25,000 Anytime miles and redeem for $37,500 instead of $50,000!!

#2 – You can now combine First Class or Business Class one way, and Coach the other way.

#3 – You can travel to a destination with a one-way frequent flyer ticket, and return by another means of travel.  i.e. Fly out to meet your child at college and drive home with all their “STUFF”.

#4 – It makes “open Jaw” travel a whole lot easier.  Let’s say you want to fly into San Francisco and out of San Jose, now that’s easy with two one-way tickets.

#t – Hopefully other airlines will follow the lead, and you may be able to fly one airline in one direction and another airline in the other direction – increasing your odds of finding an available frequent flyer seat.

It’s all good for a change!


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