Always Toss A Bandanna In Your Bag

April 14, 2009 | By | Reply More
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A colorful bandanna can be one of the most useful items you bring on vacation – here are some of my favorite uses:
Tie one on the handle of your suitecase so you can pick it out easily in baggage return
Use it as a washcloth in hotels rooms that don’t supply one
Dip in water, slip in a plastic bag and bring to the beach to cool yourself down
Make an impromtu table cloth for an on the go snack in the park
Drape over the bedside lampshade for some instant romantic atmosphere
Tie it around your neck or wrist for some immediate pizazz to your outfit
Go cowboy and use as a mask if you run into dust or foul air
Make an instant head scarf – great when you enter a church
Two tied together makes a decorative belt
Wrap up those precious sea shells you found on the beach
And it’s an always handy hankerchief, bandage or even a sling!


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